Master Class

Short courses with long-lasting learnings.

Bride to Be...

  • For the to be bride, who is not looking for a professional Wedding Planner… but is a Pinterest fan & Social Media follower. She is the one who is creatively inclined and passionate about her dream wedding.
  • PS: You should have watched “Brides Wars” before you call us!!!
wedding planning
wedding planning

The journey from Fiancée to (beyond) Wife…

  • You don’t want to just be a pretty date. The day the rings are exchanged, it's a new life. From knowing & discovering your partner to commencing on, “What the wedding should be like???"
  • Learn the secrets of MIL & SIL Management and the art of gelling with your new friends. This Masterclass is about grooming , social etiquette , getting your EQ, (emotional quotient ) right in various circumstances.

Adam & Eve - The beginning…

  • When there are arguments & fights the end seems nearer, but that’s not the reality . Learn the art of discovering, understanding & building a dream, a bit of HERS & bit of HIS.
  • Explore how the couple can bite the apple & have it too !!!
wedding planning

Connect Manager…

Undoubtedly weddings are one of the fastest growing industries today. Collaborative in nature, it is a team effort with various roles that need to be filled. From decor, artist management, logistics, entertainment and wedding planning itself; there is plenty of opportunity if you’re looking for a job in this field.

As a Connect Manager you not only grab the opportunity to get first-hand experience, you also profit from this learning as it well paid for. You can be certain, there is never a dull day on the job with:

  • Travel in India & Internationally
  • Working with the Best Hotel Groups/Chains
  • Interact with Leading Wedding Planners
  • High Net Worth Families to Network and Work for

Besides job preparation, you also develop the mentality of a being problem solver and confidant to the bride & groom through this master class.

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