TWS has experienced challenges of grooming students from various facets of life from Multicity background Engineers, Architect, Dentist, Freelancers, Emcee, Finance, Event management students and Entrepreneurs. Through our intensive course, we have managed to get the best out of our students which are very prominent through their testimonials. They have not only undergone a mental transformation in terms of knowledge acquired but also change in personality and grooming. TWS takes pride in presenting this immense talent to the industry by educating students through its wedding planner course in India.


BATCH 9 ( 2023 - 2024 )

BATCH 8 ( 2022 - 2023 )

BATCH 7 ( 2021 - 2022 )

BATCH 6 ( 2020 - 2021 )

BATCH 5 ( 2020 - 2021 )

BATCH 4 (2019 - 2020)

BATCH 3 ( 2018 - 2019 )

New Course Starting on 22nd July 2023

BATCH 2 ( 2017 - 2018 )

BATCH 1 ( 2016 - 2017 )

A- No, we offer you Internship to get hands-on experience and if the company likes your performance, one definitely stands a chance to get hired as a permanent employee.
A – Yes, absolutely! Internship acts as the base review of your performance which lets the companies make a judgment.
A – We don’t encourage our students to do freelancing while they are pursuing a wedding planning course as our motto is to create contributors to the Industry at a bigger position. However, if you have any opportunity The Wedding School would not have a problem.
A – Depends on your interest and performance during classroom training and assignments.
A – It’s stipend based payroll as per industry standards. A student should look at the internship as a learning process.
A- Yes we can place you in your own city provided you let us know prior hand where you would like to pursue your career for the next 12 months
A – If you want a serious career it is a necessity to pursue a full-time internship which means you may need to balance your college and work together.


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