Terms & Conditions / Term of Use

  1. Timely Payments of scheduled Payments is a must. Defaults on the fee payment will attract an 18% penalty charge on the balance amount to be paid.
  2. The Wedding School reserves the right to refuse to allow a student to attend the session while fees remain unpaid.
  3. Attendance will be compulsory to the effect of 75% of the total sessions. Default on the same will have effects on Certification, Internship & Job placement assistance.
  4. Due to any reason, if you are unable to attend any session, the same needs to be communicated in writing before the session starts via email at info@theweddingschool.in
  5. Recording of the sessions will not be provided in any case to any student. Synopsis on the missed session can be taken from the course coordinator.
  6. Students are not allowed to record any session on their computer/phones / iPad or any other gadget. Violation of the same will be strictly dealt with legally or otherwise
  7. You are not permitted to share your id & password / Link of the lecture with anyone else. Strict actions will be taken upon violation of the same.
  8. Assistance for Internship/Job placement will be provided to only those students who qualify through the course with 75% attendance & timely submission Assignments & Presentations.
  9. Internship & Job Placement is an Assistance from The Wedding School, and not an Assurance.
  10. Assignments & Presentations are key aspects of our learning and development; timely completion of the same is a must. Default and Delay in the same will be strictly dealt with.

Refunds & Cancellation

Fees once paid are completely non-refundable & non-transferable in any circumstances.

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