Convocation 2024 & 6th Year Celebration

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At The Lalit Mumbai on March 2, 2024, ‘The Wedding School’ (TWS) celebrated its 6th anniversary with a convocation. Teachers, students and alumni came together to cheer for academic success. The event not only honored academic achievements but also highlighted The Wedding School’s remarkable journey of growth and success since its establishment.

Mareesha Parikh (CEO The Wedding School)

At the event, Mareesha Parikh, the CEO of The Wedding School, kicked things off with an inspiring speech, reflecting on achievements and future goals. Her words resonated with everyone. With over 450 students, 100+ entrepreneurs and 350+ sessions, The Wedding School had established itself as a leading education institute in the wedding industry over the past 6 years. This success was evident in the institution’s roster of over 70+ industry faculty members, who brought their expertise to enrich the learning experience for students.

(From left to right)-Bhavesh Sapariya (Faculty at The Wedding School) and
Gourav Vasant Faculty at The Wedding School

The event continued with speeches from esteemed faculty members including Gaurav Vasani, and Bhavesh Sapariya, who shared words of encouragement with the graduating class. Their insights served as a source of inspiration for students, reinforcing the values of knowledge, integrity and passion instilled by The Wedding School. 

Our special guests from the wedding industry, Aarti Manocha(M to MJ, Umesh Sawant (WOW Events) and Hemal Solanki Bhagwat(Weddings by Mercury) added to the vibrancy of the occasion. offering their perspectives and insights on the evolving landscape of the wedding industry. Mr. Umesh Sawant, from (WOW Events) succinctly summed up a key aspect of success in the industry.


In the wedding industry, remember: staying fit is crucial and any kind of exercise counts. But more than that, It’s about eating healthy.

From left to right) - Mareesha Parikh, Dr. Usha Parikh (Director - The Wedding school).
Akshita Mehrotra (Alumni), Aarti Manocha (M to M) and
Baldev Singh Dhadwal (The Dring)

The highlight of the event was the presentation of diploma certificates to the graduating students. As each student walked across the stage, they were applauded for their achievements and celebrated for their potential to make a meaningful impact in the world. The ceremony also honoured exceptional students, including Akshita Mehrotra, Mahima Jain, Srushti Bhosle and Jay Surana who have already made strides in their careers, either by securing positions in prestigious companies or by starting their own successful ventures.

As attendees mingled and networked during a high tea session, students took the chance to connect with alumni, gaining valuable insights and forming new relationships for their future endeavours. This interaction continued seamlessly into the later part of the event, where students lightened the atmosphere with entertaining interviews and reels, expressing their gratitude and humility towards The Wedding School.

Concluding the event, The CEO, Mareesha Parikh announced that the new batch would begin in July 2024. Attendees left feeling proud of their accomplishments and excited for the opportunities ahead. The convocation at The Wedding School wasn’t just a ceremony, it celebrated the potential of education. As the next batch prepared to start their journey, they carried forward the spirit of learning and growth from The Wedding School, ready to shape their own futures.

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