Path To Making A Successful Career As A Wedding Planner

As the Wedding Industry in India, is spreading its wings, more and more people are trying their hands at the vocation of a Wedding Planner. The reason is not hard to guess. Weddings involve money, lots of money. The glitterati and glamour involved in a wedding too play a major role. And with everyone wanting their Wedding to be a memorable event, not just for the wedded couple, but the friends, family and guests, the role of a Wedding Planner, becomes imperative. Though the industry seems to be overflowing with traditional Wedding Planners, there seem to be rather only a few who can claim their superiority as Professional Wedding Planners.  It is ultimately your work that makes you a reputed and a wanted Wedding Planner. Recommending a “Path to Making a Successful Career as a Wedding Planner”.

Get the Right Training

 While a degree in Wedding Planning is not required, but a Diploma Certification from a renowned Institute would give you the much-needed edge over many others. Though there are many Institutions that provide Event-Management Training, The Wedding School (Mumbai), is a class above when it comes to preparing young aspirants to become successful Wedding Planners. The on-ground training provided to the students helps them ace the world of Wedding Management. They learn and master skills including hospitality, client servicing, budgeting, entrepreneurship and many more.

Have a Plan

When it comes to Weddings, what works for one may not work for the other, you need to have a definite plan about you are going to make each wedding different yet as special as the other. Your creativity has to most certainly suit your client. Giving the perfect blend to your ideas and the client’s need and wishes can be quite challenging. But once you are able to do that, you would be able to process the combo in the most unique way.

Your Team is as Important as You

No Wedding Planner, no matter how experienced or successful he is, cannot survive without a team that understands his foresight and can transform the ideas into a real Wedding. You need to have good relations with every individual, from the florist to the caterer, from the stylist to the photographer, just about everyone. A Wedding cannot be a one-man show. Make good use of others’ ideas and inventiveness and give them the due credit. A happy team will always work better.

Get Well-Trained

For being a successful Wedding Planner, you need to have lots and lots of experience, not just in terms of the amount of time you have spent as a Wedding Planner, but also how experienced you are when it comes to managing everything, that too under tremendous pressure. If you plan to start up your own venture as an Entrepreneur, it is always better to have first-hand knowledge of how things really work. Working as an intern or as an Assistant would help you in building your organizational skills.

Be Compassionate

It’s not just the rich and the royal who opt for having a Wedding through a Wedding Planner. But people from the most humble backgrounds too are making use of the services of a Wedding Planner. A wedding, after all, is a momentous occasion. You need to tend to the family’s requirement to the best of your ability, staying well within the allotted budget. Very often you would need to Talk less and Listen More. Don’t be too rigid with your plans but do present your idea and foresight very clearly in front of your client.

Keep Building your Patience Levels

Weddings can be quite overwhelming not just for the soon-to-be-wedded couple but also for their family as well. That’s where You, a Wedding Planner comes in. There can hardly be a wedding ever that doesn’t include loads of family drama. With emotions running high, and temperaments soaring, you as a Wedding Planner need to be calm and patient all the time, especially in high-pressure situations.


As you move ahead in your career, you’ll need to be patient and gradually build your business. Every wedding you organise, will help you grow as a Professional, in terms of adding to your experience and your network. Advertising is very expensive, but if you work well, your work will advertise for you. Make sure that from the bride to the groom, from the family to the guests, from the oldest to the youngest, you offer something exciting. When people carry good memories, be sure that they would return to you soon.

Today, people are far too busy to plan their own wedding! They are either too occupied to do so or their expectations are too high. They know they need professional help. Make full use of all your talents. Explore your own creativity and be bold to try them in reality. Remember, you have the power to turn someone’s dream into a reality.

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