5 Ways To Start Your Career As A Wedding Planner

Want to build your career as a wedding planner

Who doesn’t like to romanticize their life? It won’t be an understatement to say EVERYONE, and what can be a better way than getting a romantic wedding? With time, everyone dreams of the most glamorous, dreamy, and perfect wedding, and thus comes the need for wedding planners. Career as a wedding planner has consequently skyrocketed in recent years. It’s a profession that demands no extra skills and certificates; whether you have a commerce background or science, you can easily start your career as wedding planner.

If you are planning to pursue this path and earn the infamous wedding planner salary, this post is just for you. We will tell you how to start things from scratch and build a step-by-step wedding planner career in India.

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Steps To Build Careers In Wedding Planning

If you want the best wedding planning career opportunities for yourself, it’s important to know where to start from. There are specific skills that are essential to build and hone if being a wedding planner is your dream, like doing research, learning A to Zs of wedding planning, gaining knowledge and experience, making connections, and starting from a smaller scale. These are some of the best and most essential skills to launch your wedding planner career in India.

1. Research! Research! Research!

The more you research, the better scope you have, it’s like knowledge, and since the wedding planning industry keeps evolving, there is always more to research and explore. If you want a career as wedding planner, research is the place to start; educate yourself about the industry, learn about famous wedding planners and listen to the people who made their careers in wedding planning industry. There is also much-written material available on-site; read the journey of the renowned wedding planners and learn what kind of skills you need to master.


2. Learn the basics by joining a wedding planning company.

Every business has some set of rules and basics, and wedding planning is no exception. When you are planning to start your career as wedding planner, it’s a must that you are aware of all the essentials. These are some things that wedding planning experts advise to keep in mind whenever completing a project:

  • Decide on a budget and stand by it.
  • Make arrangements based on the guest list.
  • Look into transportation and accommodation for guests.
  • Book venue for all the wedding ceremonies.
  • Decide on the theme of the wedding.
  • Create a wedding menu

Apart from all these things, one skill will set your wedding planner career in India apart from other wedding planners. That is to be understanding and empathetic towards your client’s needs.

3. Attend wedding planning seminars and workshops.

Now that your basics about a career in wedding planning in India are clear and you have browsed all the necessary information, it’s time you acquire practical knowledge. Interning with a wedding planning company is the most practical and suitable way to hone your wedding planning skills; however, if that’s not possible for you, online and offline workshops can be excellent options for acquiring knowledge. There are several workshops and seminars that will teach you the ins and outs of different careers in wedding planning, so learn everything and mark your future as a successful wedding planner.


4. Make Connections

If you want to know the wedding planner salary, understand that the margin is quite vast; however, only the ones who make connections in the industry are able to make a good profit. If you are starting your career as wedding planner from scratch, it becomes a challenging task to get good clients and projects, but as you begin approaching different people, you start building your own network. These connections can be different people from various industries, like venue servicing, catering service, boutique stores and bands, etc. When starting from scratch, these are the people that will make multiple wedding planning career opportunities accessible.


5. Start with small-scale weddings.

Lastly, starting small is the first step towards a successful wedding planner career in India. Since you have recently stepped into wedding industry, it’s evident that not many people know about you. Thus, you would have to earn yourself clients by planning weddings for your family, friends, and neighbours. This will not only give you real all-alone experience but will help you showcase your management and finance skills.

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