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Your wedding means it is a big day filled with so much hope and excitement, and you must have planned so much for it. Therefore, everything starting from your look to the décor must be spot on. Well, the wedding invitation card design must be stylish, unique, and more importantly, speak so much about the event. 

Weddings have changed nowadays, and young couples like to make things more fun and easier. Earlier on, there was a certain level of rigidity regarding everything, starting from the colour of the bride’s wedding Lahenga to the choice of flowers in the decoration. Especially when it comes to Indian weddings, there is always a bit more focus on tradition. However, keeping the tradition intact does not mean you cannot think creatively. 


So, let’s start with the wedding invitation card ideas, and let’s see how crazy we can go with the same. Now, your wedding card should be such that whenever a person sees it for the first time, it will give him or her a little picture of what is going to happen. However, not everything must be revealed to keep that surprise element intact. 

What should you consider before finalizing your wedding invitation card design?

Before heading on to the wedding invitation ideas, let us understand the factors that will come into consideration. While we want to go crazy with our imagination, there are still some things that elders want us to keep in mind. Let’s see what! 

Wedding style

wedding invitation

We are sure that you already have the style of wedding in mind! For example, do you want a white wedding or a retro one or a party in disguise? That is the first factor that will influence the choice of the best wedding invitation. Since you already have the décor and food in mind, decide whether it is going to be a very casual, elegant, or formal event. So, you must ensure that the wedding invite must relate to the essence of the event. 

Colour scheme

You’ll need your wedding invitations and cards to coordinate the shading decisions you’ve just made. In case your wedding tones are infant blue and beige, you presumably shouldn’t choose gold and burgundy Invitation. Keep everything inside your characterized shading plan and remember that the choice of colours can influence clarity. Pastel textual styles on cream-hued paper are hard to peruse. Partially blind people may experience difficulty perusing red text styles on pink papers. 

Choose the shape and sizes properly

Wedding Invitation

Have a good time: try out round solicitations or various sizes. 4.5-inch-by-6.25-inch is the standard wedding greeting size. However, loads of couples are currently trying different things with various shapes and sizes. Remember that additional mass and one of a kind wedding greeting card configuration shapes normally cost more for postage than standard sizes.

Unique and Easy

wedding invitation

Like referenced above, ensure your text style and foundation shading aren’t excessively comparable. You ought to likewise remember typeface. Certain detailed text styles aren’t anything but difficult to peruse. Continuously request a roof before requesting your full set. Ensure every one of your visitors will have the option to peruse your solicitations. 

Proper details must be present

It would be best if you had to press a great deal of data into your wedding greeting card plan: your names, the clothing regulation, area, date, RSVP info. Choose which data is essential for the greeting and what can go on your wedding website. Recollect that you need your solicitations to be clear, clean, and coordinated. Will you go for a moderate or conventional methodology for your greeting? 

Proper details must be present

wedding invitation

Weddings require plenty of printed items: save the dates, solicitations, RSVP cards, notes to say thanks. Printers ordinarily offer a markdown when you request the whole suite at a time. Also, you can guarantee that the plan remains reliable consistently.

Start preparations well in advance

You must choose and finalize the wedding invitation card design along with all the proofs, and documents pretty well in advance. Firstly, it will take time to reach you, and then you need time in hand to deliver it. So, it will surely take more time than you are thinking. 

Wedding invitation card ideas for young and fun couples

Here is a list of some of the coolest wedding invitation ideas. Let’s see which one you like the most!

Geometric, because we love the quirk!

Yes, we know that the elders at home are going to find this idea bizarre, but convincing them won’t be difficult either. So, let’s walk down the modern path and seal it with a geometric pattern wedding invitation card design

The cards will not only look different but extremely sleek and stylish too. If you are looking for ideas to enhance the design a bit more, then you can play with the colours. For example, you can go for a really dark base colour and choose a metallic shade for the geometric patterns. So, the combinations can be a Prussian Blue will Silver or a Fuchsia Pink and Gold. 

Origami to give it a retro vibe!

wedding invitation

Of course, Origami is old school, but then you know that we believe in letting traditions do a little peekaboo! So, here we are thinking out of the box with some beautiful origami wedding invites. Besides, who would not appreciate that intense level of creativity? Moreover, try to choose some traditional colour combinations like red and gold to let the retro do its magic. 

Because black goes with everything, right?

wedding invitation

When it comes to Indian weddings, traditional families won’t appreciate the use of too much black in any wedding item. However, times are changing, and if most of the guest list consists of your friends, black will definitely turn a lot of heads. Plus, here we are talking about black on black! So, for example, let the base be a matt black, and the inscription on it can be in a metallic black. Imagine how stylish it will look, and unique of course! 

Neon is the new buzzword!

wedding invitation

We know how much you love that little pinch of neon in your clothing. So, why not make things a bit more edgy and vibrant in your wedding invite too? You can choose a white base with neon pink writing, or keep it more undertone by using neon shades only in the bold headings in the card. Again, you can go absolutely berserk by choosing a black card with neon pink and yellow writing on it. 

If you like it clean, then here you go!

Wedding invitation

If you don’t want to experiment too much with the invitation design, then let’s keep it totally no-nonsense. So, you can choose a nice colour, and the writing will be simple with all the details mentioned properly. Now, if you think that it will look too dull, then you are wrong because simplicity is wonderful in itself. 

Why not show off a little class?

Here we are with something that is going to blow your mind totally. If you want everything top-notch, then why not the wedding invitation too? So, let’s go overboard and do a very classy and elegant invitation design. In this, there will be different layers with roadmaps, bride and groom’s family, a nice message, and a small charm too. You can also add nice gold foils, shimmery separators, and more. 

There are so many other designs that you can choose too, for example, a jigsaw puzzle invite, or a board game, and more. As mentioned earlier, there is no end to how crazy you can go with the designs. After all, it is your wedding, and you have all the right to have fun! 

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