Embracing the Internship Journey: Rucha’s Tale at Momentum Experiences and Events

Embracing the Internship Journey: Rucha’s Tale at Momentum Experiences and Events

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A Hectic Yet Rewarding Start

Rucha embarked on her internship journey with Momentum Experiences and Events based in Andheri. Despite joining during a busy event period in late November, she eagerly embraced the opportunity.

The Thread Ceremony Project: A Trial by Fire

Assigned to manage a thread ceremony project at the last minute, Rucha faced the challenge head-on. With the confidence of her mentor, Karishma Ma’am, she navigated through RSVP coordination, hospitality arrangements, and vendor contracts with finesse.

Behind the Scenes: Juggling Sheets and Phones

While lacking in visual documentation, Rucha's dedication was evident in the meticulous maintenance of RSVP and rooming sheets. Her involvement in creating personalized stationery added a personal touch to the event.

From Intern to Bellboy: Embracing Every Role

Despite the demanding nature of the job, Rucha found joy in fulfilling tasks like distributing hampers to every room post-event. She embraced each responsibility with enthusiasm, earning her satisfaction in unexpected moments.

Client Satisfaction: The Ultimate Reward

The culmination of Rucha’s efforts was reflected in glowing feedback from clients and guests. Every guest’s happiness and the heartfelt appreciation from the client validated her hard work and dedication.

Rating the Experience: Growth and Recognition

With two successful projects under her belt, Rucha rated her performance highly, acknowledging the trust and opportunities granted by Momentum Experiences and Events. The experience provided valuable lessons in multitasking, client communication, and vendor management.

Challenges Faced and Lessons Learned

Reflecting on her journey, Rucha identified areas for improvement, including grooming skills and advanced Excel proficiency. She embraced the challenge of learning new terminologies and tools to enhance her capabilities in event management.

Looking Ahead: Aspiring for Growth

Moving forward, Rucha aims to expand her expertise beyond RSVP and hospitality, delving into decor and other facets of event management. She acknowledges the need for a balanced approach to work-life integration and a deeper understanding of the evolving wedding industry landscape.

Conclusion: A Journey of Learning and Discovery

In summary, Rucha’s internship at Momentum Experiences and Events has been a transformative experience filled with challenges, triumphs, and invaluable lessons. As she continues to navigate the dynamic world of event management, she remains committed to growth, innovation, and making a positive impact in the industry.

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