How Technology Is Changing Indian Weddings?

Want to build your career as a wedding planner 

Just like everything else, over the years, Indian Weddings too have been greatly influenced by technology. So much so that from the wedding lehenga to the wedding invitations, everything now has a new ‘avatar’. Things have become easier though not always simpler. Young couples prefer weaving customs and rituals along with convenience and style and the outcome is remarkable. Match-Making Rather than discussing the marriage prospects with the society ‘barber’ people are depending entirely on matrimonial websites and also TV channels, for their child’s ‘match-making’. What more, there are tonnes of Facebook groups too for the same. The youngsters too rely on dating apps and websites before they make up their mind about the wedlock. The Wedding Industry ‘Wedding’ is now an industry, and not just any industry but a 40-billion-rupee industry. With an average growth of 30% it is often said to be the recession-proof industry too. And it surely is, with almost 10 million weddings every year, there seems to be no such thing as a slowdown here. India consumes about 900 tons of gold and half of this is purchased during the wedding season. Destination Weddings Technology has made the world a small place. More and more couples have started preferring having weddings at scenic locations abroad and within India. Places like Goa, Jaipur, Udaipur, Italy, Greece are topping the charts when it comes to choosing the destination for the perfect wedding. Wedding Planners In India, weddings always involved the entire family, they still do but their roles have undergone a transformation as well. The ‘chachas and mamas’ no longer run around till the last minute, it is now the wedding planners who take care of it all. Weddings are no longer seen as a painful responsibility but a reason to party. It’s nothing less than a holiday with friends and family and hiring the right wedding planner can indeed be the best way to plan a wedding. Wedding Schools Till a few years ago a wedding school was completely unheard of but thanks to the remarkable transformation of Indian weddings, wedding schools are now giving many youngsters a platform to build strong entrepreneur skills. The courses offered by elite and well-renowned wedding schools give a jumpstart to the career of a budding wedding planner. Going through an internship helps them learn the tricks of the trade early on as they get a chance to learn under experts. Attaining a successful career as a wedding planner has been made easy with Wedding schools. So Much More The wedding industry also comprises of many other businesses and branches. Dress designers, stylists, photographers, printers, florists and decorators, etc., are an integral and important part of the industry. Decorator-The tent-wala is now a decorator and plays a key role in remodelling a society-park into a fabulous wedding location. Replicas of palaces, movie sets are also being set up by the decorators to give the wedding a touch of royalty. Invitation Cards-The wedding invite now comprises of the invitation cards to the cocktail, bachelor’s party, shagan, mehendi and sangeet, wedding and the reception too. And it’s no longer just a card – silk envelops, embroidered cards, elegant invite-mithai boxes are just so mesmerizing. Photographs-Clicking professional and high-high-definition pictures are as important as the wedding itself. They not only make reminiscing special but are also important as they have to be uploaded on various social media platforms. Technology indeed has changed the Indian Weddings. Almost every aspect seems to have undergone modifications. However, the quintessence core of every Indian wedding is still ‘tradition’. And this amalgamation of tradition and technology has been great for everyone. The couple-to-be, the parents, the guests, the wedding planners, the vendors, just about everyone is Super Happy!!

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