Is Being A Wedding Planner The Right Career Choice For You?

Want to build your career as a wedding planner 

A Wedding planner makes dreams turn into reality! This is an ongoing process and is probably the biggest reason that the wedding business has turned into a whole new industry, with a turnover of millions and millions of dollars every year. The burgeoning wedding industry has given birth to the recent and most sought-after vocation, which is Wedding Planning. Being a wedding planner is a not just in vogue but is also a very rewarding and satisfying career. After all, turning someone’s lifelong dream into a reality can be so exciting. But like all other vocations, being a successful wedding planner also requires immense hard-work and dedication. If you have been wondering that if being a wedding planner is the right career choice for you, read on. Being a wedding planner in much different from a standard 9-5 job. There might be days when you would be working for 18 hours in a day. And when you are in such a business, your monthly income too can fluctuate tremendously. Being an entrepreneur, your earning will be directly correlated to the number of weddings you are actively planning and working on. Weekends and holidays do not exist in a planner’s calendar. The hard work you have to put in is not just mental but physical too. Getting calls early in the morning from vendors telling you about some last-minute cancellations can give anyone a panic attack, but you need to be composed and find the best possible solution. Achieving deadlines, running after vendors, accompanying the bride/ groom and the families to the stylists, rehearsals, venues, you are required to be present everywhere. It can be really exhausting till the time the entire wedding is over. As a wedding planner, you would meet all kinds of people. From the elite and the elegant to the rich and rural. You need to be equally sensitive to all your clients. Understanding their requirements and offering them the suggestion and ideas that they can put into practice are your foremost duties. An unresponsive wedding planner can never be successful, as last minutes emergencies are bound to occur. Passion comfortably and dedication to your client is necessary if you wish to be a popular wedding planner. Having a calm disposition is also a necessity for you. Weddings are bound to come with their share of family drama. With emotions running high everywhere, it is you who has to be in full control, not just of yourself but the situation too. In these high-stress situations, you need to be the one that can give comfort to your client and extinguish the fires. Though the onus of a well-organized wedding lies on you, the wedding planner, it does not mean that you can do this all alone. You have to be hand-in-glove with your team of people. A great wedding is a balance between delicious food, beautiful decor, enjoyable music, excellent photography and happy memories for life. As the captain of the ship, you have to ensure that every little detail is taken care of and nothing is missed. If most of these traits come naturally to you, you will surely make a great wedding planner, but even you miss a few, do not sweat, time and patience will teach you everything. You simply to need to focus and be calm even in the most stressed situations. Frantic brides and stubborn vendors are going to be everyday issues. But having said that, no one can deny the love and passion involved in this profession. When you plan a wedding for someone, you become a part of their dream and in turn build lifelong associations. The satisfaction and appreciation you get from your clients can make all the hard work worthwhile.

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