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Welcome to the world of wedding planning!

We at The Wedding School have a simple objective. We decided to provide our budding wedding planners with a customized, concise, and real-world relevant curriculum. And this curriculum would be taught only by our industry stalwarts who can provide students with real-life insights. And also you will be studying under our Co-Founder and CEO Mareesha Parikh, who has been an integral part of the Events and Entertainment industry for over two decade

In 2020, COVID-19 struck and a strict lockdown was imposed. The whole world went online and so did we. Nothing can stop the zest in learning new things, not even the pandemic. You can now learn wedding planning and management from any corner of the world. We took our very first batch of live online course and had students joining us from all over India and a few students from abroad which made our classrooms more diverse.

We are focused on quality learning and we help individuals get professional training relevant to the industry. We made sure our online sessions had an offline touch by holding live interactive sessions.

During the course, our students worked on incredible assignments and projects which helped them understand the subject more deeply. Learning under the guidance of industry experts is a whole different experience in itself. Our #TWSTribe studied the nuances of the wedding industry and gained knowledge from them. On successful completion of the course, our students received a certification in wedding planning which upskilled them to make their entry into the industry.

After the completion of the course, we received praise from our students. Students said “COVID – 19 has given them an opportunity to join TWS with live online classes. Amazing faculties, friendly nature, and homely feeling – everything under one roof of TWS.”

Our students had no complaints. They said “Professional folks impart knowledge about every aspect of the wedding industry by bringing stalwarts of weddings to give you sessions on various subjects. Good learning overall.”

With all the overwhelming feedback and positive responses, acknowledging that our students had a wonderful experience learning online. Our next aim was to make our course available beyond Mumbai, beyond our classrooms, across the world. So after the huge success of Live online course 2020, we decided to continue with Our Live Online Course.

TWS is back with the Live Online wedding planning and management course.

If wedding planning is your dream job, why wait any longer to make that first move?  Worldwide, the demand for talented wedding planners is growing. It’s simply a case of priming yourself with the skills, knowledge, and industry insights you’ll need to make things happen.

Worried about career opportunities?

We at TWS help you get the internship where you will be working with industry professionals and will be learning things practically.

As a wedding planner, your opportunities vary from being a wedding coordinator to a bridal consultant, and maybe one day you can be your boss by running your own business.

Our course starts on 21st May 2021

Click here to get more details about our live online course.

As we all know “Learning is a never-ending process”

If you really want to become a master planner in the industry, you can upgrade to our Hybrid Course. That is a diploma course in wedding planning and management. In this course, we will be taking live online + offline sessions for a better learning experience.

In this hybrid course, not only we provide you with all the great learning but also job placement assistance and On Ground Wedding Event \-Opportunities with companies close to your city.

Our hybrid course starts on 10th July 2021. Be a part of the #TWSTribe and choose the career of your dreams.

Click here to get more details about the Hybrid Course.

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