The Rise of Big Fat Indian Weddings

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Indian Weddings have always been an amalgamation of tradition, rituals, ceremonies, celebration and of course a lot of planning. However, with changing times the definition of Indian weddings has slightly been altered. Though the essence is still very much intact but the simple and homely Indian weddings have transformed into humongous ‘Big Fat Indian Weddings. This transformation into the Big Fat Indian Wedding has brought about a major change. Weddings no longer remain a closely-knit home-affair. The role of uncles and cousins running wedding errands right from the regular tailor stitching of the wedding lehenga, the ‘mithai-wale’ making the sweets and the mums and aunts doing the makeup, just about everything has undergone a major change. The face of Indian weddings has undergone a drastic change where it has transformed into the mammoth business. Everything is now taken care by the Wedding Planners. There is the dedicated professional team to look into all the tiny to high fi affair right from dress designer to the decorator, the wedding photographer to the caterer, from the travel agent to the makeup artist, there are far too many small industries which contribute to the major part of the Wedding Industry! When we consider the common trends, it is estimated that by 2020, India will be the youngest country in terms of its youth population. By the end of the decade, the median age of an Indian would be 27-29 years. This age group also falls in the category of being the ‘right age’ for getting married. So, this demographic dividend brings a complete win-win situation for the booming Wedding industry. The band-Baja-baraat extravaganza is nothing short of a hub of good business opportunity for not just the Wedding Planners but various other businesses attached to the industry. With an estimate of about 50 billion dollars, the Indian wedding Industry is second next to the United States, that tops the list being worth 70 billion dollars. It has also been cited that the worth of the Indian market of weddings is around 15 billion dollars in the year 2015, and there are the whopping increases of 25-30%. With such large numbers on field and a promising business opportunity, it comes with no surprise that many foreign companies wish to invest in the Indian Wedding Industry too. The rising economic crunch comes as good news to the booming wedding planning industry, weddings has always been in the picture be it any circumstance prevailing in our nation. In India, about 10-12 million weddings take place every year. An average Indian spends almost one-fifth of his life’s savings on a wedding which is generally in the range of 5 lakhs to 5 crores. When that high number of moneys is employed, the fear of recession seems to be minimal. And with dynamic times, the seasonality attached to weddings is also coming down, as most young couples wish to get married when it suits them rather than when it suits the stars!                 Wedding business facilitates the smooth entry of startups. This recession-free aspect of the wedding industry has lured many start-ups to step up. Wedding industry have something for everyone. Just about anyone can start with anything in the wedding industry. From a makeup artist to a hair stylist, from a dress designer to a jewelry designer, from a caterer to a florist, there is always that “something” you can always contribute in one way or the other. Almost everyone wishes to have a remarkable wedding which is memorable and different in its own way, there is an increasing scope for creativity and newness in the flourishing wedding industry. Seeing the rising scope and the easy finance option. It has undoubtedly marking a passionate impression as the prospective options for many, as of now there aren’t many legal formalities that are required to be fulfilled by a wedding planner as the wedding industry is still on its initial stage. It is undoubtedly the well-paying job too, it depends on the wedding planner if he wishes to have a fixed fee or charges a commission on the basis of the budget of the wedding. Many event planners and managers are now focusing more attention on planning weddings only. Wedding are the memorable event and everyone thrives to make it a fun event for everyone There is in a demand of special and unique weddings. With almost every one striving to make the wedding like “never before “- kind of a wedding, the trend seems to be staying for every ling time. Weddings include lot of things right from Pre-wedding shoots, honeymoon destinations, bachelor trips, theme weddings which needs to be taken care off.  Wedding planners are constantly told to brainstorm to come up with something new and afresh every time. The flourishing trend of the “Destination Weddings” is making the business of wedding planning more interesting and flourishing thereby opening plethora of opportunities for people to step up and pursue it as career. The recent Virat Kohli- Anushka Sharma wedding was nothing less than the dream wedding by many young couples to be. Weddings are no longer a stressful event that a family has to organize, rather it is becoming more of a holiday not just for the soon-to-be-married couple, but the families and friends too. People choose the wedding dates on long weekends so that they all can get together and make it an opportunity for a family reunion. Depending on one’s budget the destination is chosen and all the ceremonies are planned there accordingly. Indian wedding looks the most colorful which become the attractive destination for foreigners wishing to have a desi touch in their weddings. Not only Indians are going to foreign countries for a destination wedding, but many foreigners are also choosing India to be their wedding destination. Goa with its beaches and Rajasthan for its royal palaces, are considered to be the best spots. Many wedding planners collaborate with five-star hotels and organize such weddings. The rituals and traditions practiced by the Indians are found to be very appealing to the foreigners who therefore plan to do the same. Indian Weddings are a resplendent affair. Be it a grand-destination wedding or a humble wedding organized in the Society Park, each wedding holds a special importance. The opulence and merriment attached to a wedding are spreading their wings wide and seem to be showering prosperity all around the Indian Wedding Industry.

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