7 Trending Wedding Car Decoration Ideas For Your Big Day

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One has so many plans for his/her wedding. Right from the outfit to the ceremonies and decorations, everything deserves to be picture-perfect. While decoration takes centre stage in marriage, wedding car decoration can not be overlooked. If you are looking for the best wedding car decoration ideas for the groom’s grand entry or bride’s farewell, this blog will help you with seven exclusive ideas that will make your moment even more beautiful.

Whether you are planning the groom’s grand entry in an open-top vintage car or have other plans to make your wedding wonderful, these wedding car decoration ideas will come in handy. Over the years, wedding car decoration with flowers has become too common. Since many things have changed, it is time to reinvent and make this ritual memorable. We have prepared a list of trending wedding car decoration ideas that fit every budget and give a distinct feel.

Indian wedding car decoration has become so trendy these days. Not even the wedding planners, the groom also put extra effort to make the ride colourful and exciting. Depending on your budget and taste, you can choose either of the following simple wedding car decoration ideas to compliment your wedding.

Best Indian Wedding Car Decoration Ideas

Check these exciting wedding car decoration ideas to give your wedding car an exclusive look & feel. We can bet these Indian wedding car decoration ideas will make the bride’s farewell even more wonderful and set a backdrop for perfect pictures. Also, it reminds you of your beautiful day whenever you have a look at your album.

1. Get a Vintage Car and Decorate it With Fresh Flowers

If you love wedding car decorations with flowers, this is one of the best ideas. Get a vintage car or your ancestor’s car and decorate it with fresh orchid flowers. This will give a princessly feeling to your wife.

Tip- We advise you to choose the white colour car because purple orchids will go best with white colour. This is one of the most simple wedding car decoration ideas on the list.

2. Figurines to Place on the Top of the Car or Bonnet

If you are looking for fancy wedding car decoration ideas, using cute figurines will take your good-bye ceremony to the next level. You can even get a figurine of yours to give it a personalized touch.

Tip- You can choose a pair of pigeons with flowers, bride and groom figurines, or anything that comes to your mind as wedding car decoration ideas. 

3. Car Decoration With Single Bouquet & Ribbon on the Bonnet

If you are obsessed with flowers and want your wedding car decoration with flowers, bouquet & ribbon is one of the best and simplest wedding car decoration ideas. Just get the bouquet of your or your spouse’s favourite flowers and place it at the bonnet with the matching ribbon. It is something that can give your car a simple and attractive look. It is one of the simplest wedding car decoration ideas that you can perform yourself at home. 

Tip- You can consider matching flowers to your dress or something that can give the best complement to the colour of your car.

4. Wedding Car Decoration With Balloons

This time skip the old-fashioned wedding car decoration with flowers and make your car more colourful in a unique way. Decorate your ‘Just Married’ car in a Hollywood style and give it a dream look by giving the final touch with balloons. If you wish to feel like a celebrity, use a ribbon, have lots of colourful balloons and hang out in your car.


Tip: Use a mix of both of your favourite balloons. This would be one of the best wedding car decoration ideas.

5. Indian Wedding Car Decoration with Net and Bouquet

If you want your Indian wedding car decoration simple and elegant, the idea of decorating it with a minimal flower bouquet with the net and ribbons is all you need to do to make your car look stunning. This makes the first ride more joyful and jubilant.

Tips- If you want to keep it simple, just take a piece of net cloth, wrap it to the bonnet of your car, and place a matching colour bouquet on one side. You can put small flowers on the entire net or car to enhance the look of your Indian wedding car decoration.

6. Decorate a Vintage Car Like a Beautiful Bride

When it comes to creative wedding car decoration ideas, decorate your vintage car in a whole new way. If you want to impress your bride and make her feel special, decorating a vintage car is one of the best and simple wedding car decoration ideas. Rent a vintage car (if you do not have one), now add a pair of lips on the bonnet, eyelashes on the headlights, decorate it with the net as a bridal dress, put the crown on the top, and decorate it like a beautiful bride. Is your car now looking like a bride? That’s great. Now you are ready to take your bride home!

Tip- You can choose the pink or the favourite colour of the bride.

7. Extravagant Floral Wedding Car Decoration

If you love being extra and looking for a wedding car decoration with flowers, this idea will match your taste. Select enough flowers and tell your florist to decorate your car randomly with a bunch of colourful and different flowers. Hold on, just ask him to keep the windshield open!

Tip- If you have any wedding car decoration ideas on your bucket list, explain them to your florist.

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