What are the Top Qualities Of A Successful Wedding Planner?

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Indian Weddings have undergone a major transformation over the last few years. A wedding in the house is no longer a stressful event, but a time to get together with friends and families, a time to reunite and have loads of fun together. The roles of parents, siblings, uncles, aunts, and cousins who used to be busy running around making the wedding day arrangements, have been replaced by the wedding planner and his trained team of experts. If the wedding bells are ringing for you or anyone around you, you must be aware that there are a lot many wedding planners out there. But what gives a specific wedding planner an edge above his counterparts? What makes him different from the others? How do you decide which one is going to be the best for you? Let us see what the top qualities of a wedding planner are.

Formally Trained:

Till a few years back, there weren’t any institutes that offered courses in the specialized field of wedding planning. Therefore, many wedding planners in the market today do not have any formal training. And, it is a known fact, that formal training can surely give you an edge above your competitors. The wedding planning courses provide them with hands-on training about the various elements of wedding planning. The internships teach them the tricks of the trade even before they become entrepreneurs. The quality of a wedding planner is also the most important as it forms the basis of all his other qualities.

Good Organisational Skills:

Above everything else, a great wedding planner is organized and has amazing time-management and multitasking abilities. Wedding planners must have the ability to work on different weddings at the same time, keeping the details of each different to avoid confusion. They should also be physically organized, monitoring important documents, paperwork, and agreements for every one of the weddings that they deal with. More often than not, wedding planners have few months to plan a wedding, yet ever so often that time period might be just a few weeks, and a decent wedding planner must have the ability to work under pressure and on deadlines.


A decent Wedding Planner is additionally a creative thinker. In today’s world, couples need their Wedding to be a reflection of their characters and they’re hiring Wedding Planners to assist them with making their wedding day unique and beautiful. Being creative is like having the ability to take a seed of an idea and turn it into something magical. Modern wedding planners are very fortunate. There’s such a great amount of inspiration out there for us to draw upon from Pinterest and Instagram to blogs and magazines. This is another skill you can develop so if you don’t feel creative there are loads of ways you can develop this skill within yourself.

Money Savvy:

Probably, the biggest challenge in front of the wedding planner is to plan the wedding within the budget, as the budget is the primary driving force behind a wedding. They are the ones who would be able to guide the bride/ groom about the difference between spending on the things which are important and saving by not spending on irrelevant things. They have the knack to negotiate with the vendors and get the best deals for their clients.

Listens More Than They Talk:

A successful wedding planner has to be responsive to his clients and be available at all times of the day. He needs to be a good listener and give an outlet to the dreams and ideas of his client. If he is too overbearing with his own opinions, the bride/ groom will not be able to communicate their ideas to him openly.

Seasoned In Solving Problems:

Weddings can be full of emotional outbursts. With the deadlines, long guest lists, the arrangements, etc. the family members may get overwhelmed at times. The wedding planner, on the other hand, is a seasoned professional who has tons of experience, as he organizes several weddings, month after month. Even when things don’t go as per the plan, an experienced wedding planner would be able to handle the situation in a compared manner and give a workable solution.

Pays Attention To Details:

The aim of hiring a wedding planner is that he can undertake the responsibility of handling the entire wedding. There are so many things that are critical to organizing a ‘wedding to remember’ and a successful wedding planner is the detail-oriented one. From the centerpiece on the guests’ table to the parting gift, from the menu to the requirements of vehicles, the wedding planner has to keep every tiny detail in mind.

Interpersonal Skills:

Great wedding planners have brilliant interpersonal abilities that guide them while collaborating with all the people involved. They ought to be friendly, dynamic, and ready to work under pressure. Weddings draw out the best and the worst in individuals, and a wedding planner must know how to calm the stressed brides, placate nervous grooms, and appease enthusiastic parents. Also, wedding planners must have superb communication skills to negotiate with vendors and sellers.

A-Pro Networker:

As an expert wedding planner, it’s important to connect with different experts in the wedding and event planning industry. In addition to the fact that this benefits your business, it will also benefit your customers. As you build relationships with different professionals, you’re ready to pass on the benefits to your clients and mitigate your quest for the ideal vendor.

Business Savvy:

Notwithstanding wedding planning skills, a wedding planner ought to have business savvy. Most wedding planners work autonomously, managing their own independent companies. Alongside wedding planning, they should be proficient in maintaining a business. Business aptitudes required to work as a wedding planner involves finance, which will help you make a wedding stick to the budget and knowing the amount to charge customers, and marketing, to acquire new customers and expand the business. Wedding planners ought to likewise have some knowledge in HR for recruiting extra help if necessary. They likewise should deal with contracts, as wedding planners sign various agreements among themselves and the customer and with different wedding vendors in the interest of the customers.

The wedding planner is responsible to plan the most important day of someone’s life. They are the ones who are going to turn dreams into reality. It is of utmost significance that the wedding planner has skills like creativity, keen attention to details, networking and negotiating skills, etc to be able to transform their ideas into a reality! Finding the right wedding planner may be as important as finding the right partner.

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