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Calling all wedding lovers! Do you fantasize about helping couples plan the most exceptional day of their lives? Do you get a rush each time you see a beautiful couple partake in the “saath pheras” or see a bride in her designer lehenga? At this point turning into a wedding planner very well might be the calling for you. Sampling food from the caterers, helping the bride find the ideal Sabyasachi bridal trousseau, selecting a colour palette, picking the right song for the sangeet ceremony… Even the easiest weddings require a great deal of planning, so it bodes well to enrol the assistance of an expert. Many individuals consider wedding planning as their dream job. All things considered, you’re fundamentally putting on one big party, no? Be that as it may, in the background, it’s significantly something more than just flowers and mithai. On a fundamental level, wedding planners are there to facilitate and assist you with organising your big special day, however, their duties can greatly differ. Between financial planning, RSVPs, venue hunting and ensuring the couple’s & families interest, it’s considered to be one of the most stressful jobs. While it’s one of the most rewarding occupations an individual can have, being a wedding planner takes something beyond authoritative aptitudes and great taste. So as to share what the road to becoming a wedding planner is truly like, we have compiled a list of what skills and qualifications are needed to make it to the world of Great Indian Wedding Industry.

Wedding Planner Duties and Responsibilities

wedding planner duties

Effective wedding planning expects you to be a multi-tasker. The job of the wedding expert is that of a facilitator, arbiter, money manager, craftsman, and constructor of dreams. At Any point if you have been a bride or a groom, or helped a family member plan their wedding, you additionally know the sort of stress that arranging a wedding can achieve. A wedding planner regularly additionally winds up likewise being a specialist, sounding board, and even a punching bag, metaphorically obviously, when fatigued nerves become possibly the most important factor. In spite of the fact that the wedding planner job can include a wide assortment of errands, certain ordinary obligations and duties are associated with the everyday existence of a wedding planner, for example, the following:

Wedding Planner Skills

wedding planning skills

Obviously, not everyone imagines their wedding as a grand Bollywood affair, or maybe they have yet are excessively occupied with their professions and can’t be bothered with the subtleties of arranging their ideal wedding, so they’ll solicit you to take care of them at all times. While you have the additional luxury of commanding a higher fee for this degree of service, this sort of wedding planning is a mammoth errand to attempt. Fortunately, the more experience you gain, the more smoothed out and easy your procedure will turn into. To prevail in this vocation, you should have explicit soft aptitudes—character attributes you have either obtained through life experience or with which you were born. This incorporates abilities, for example, the following

Be a Good Leader:
Being a wedding planner you are expected to wear numerous caps. At one time, you need to manage merchants, couples, large families, and funds. Obviously, there can likewise be a great deal of drama with all the relatives weighing in on every decision. Being a good leader and having the option to remain quiet, delegate, tune in, and lead in a period of stress is your most significant ability.
Have Empathy:
Anybody can get familiar with the frameworks and standard working strategies of wedding planning, yet what makes a planner extremely extraordinary at their specific employment are qualities like critical thinking, empathy, professionalism, and high scrupulousness. Somebody who likes to feel purposeful and endeavours to cause others to feel significant and cared for are two elements for success in this extraordinary industry.
Have Exceptional Organisational Skills:
Wedding planning expects you to be uber-sorted out and mindful to details. All things considered, such a large number of segments go into the occasion from timetables to menus to playlists. These aptitudes or attributes can be built on as you grow into your job. They are muscles that can get stronger as they are flexed. On the off chance that you don’t have these attributes normally consider a temporary job or entry-level employment to assist you with developing them.
Get Experience:
While you don’t, in fact, need any certifications or degrees to become a wedding planner, getting experience from a veteran is basic. As a wedding planner, you’re likewise safeguarding one of the most significant occasions in a great many people’s lives so it’s basic you comprehend what you’re doing. Corporate planning or philanthropic planning doesn’t check. You should search out quality instruction from a respectable source and couple this with hands-on understanding by working under a wedding planner and experienced planner.
Never Stop Learning:
The best wedding planners have a ‘learn constantly’ mentality. They read, they watch online courses and social media lives, they work together and tune in to podcasts. They take wedding planning courses, go to workshops and meetings. A considerable lot of these assets are accessible on the web, so you can begin your training in your spare time. The significance of continually learning and staying aware of what is tried and true and how to use your own creativity should be the big takeaway.
Being creative is an important tenet of being a wedding planner. Inspiration can strike at any time and anywhere for example while watching movies or shows, when at a temple or a festival. By being creative you can get inspired and come up with interesting and beautiful design elements in regards to decor, floral arrangements etc. It is imperative to have a moodboard to organise all these ideas, to get your creativity flowing and help with a brainstorming session. Each new client is going to want something different and unique for their wedding so your creative juices need to be flowing in order to come up with new ideas every time.

Work Environment

wedding planning work environment

Wedding and other event planners divide their time between working in an office and working at occasion areas, for example, hotels, churches or temples, and other entertainment settings. They may go to visit prospective locales for occasions and to go to occasions they’ve composed. Their workday is demanding and quick-paced, and planners ordinarily oversee and direct a few distinct parts of an event simultaneously. They may likewise take a shot at more than one event at a time.

How long does it take to plan a wedding?
Arranging a wedding from start to finish can take somewhere in the range of 250 to 400 hours relying upon the unpredictability and length of the occasion. For instance, a few weddings that are held at settings where huge numbers of the vendors are in house will be less tedious than a Big Fat Indian Wedding with 6 different events happening over a week where there are impressively more coordinations and a more noteworthy number of vendors to oversee.

What is the Biggest Misconception about being a wedding planner?
Individuals assume that the life of a wedding planner is all exotic locations and sampling yummy traditional foods, yet it unquestionably isn’t all fancy. There is an immense measure of strategic and procedural work that is included, as well as interminable administration work, spreadsheets and antisocial hours.

Since each wedding will be altogether one of a kind, the response to the inquiry, “What does a wedding planner do?” will never be totally complete. Be that as it may, this message should be your takeaway: your essential obligation as a wedding planner is to fulfil the worries that a couple had when they chose to search for a wedding planner. These worries will consistently change, and that is OK. As long as you’re there to meet them, you’ve satisfied your obligation. In spite of the pressure and stress that goes with the job, wedding planning can be a worthwhile and compensating experience whenever done determinedly and capably. You’re assuming a key job in making somebody’s fantasies come to reality. What number of individuals can say that regarding their professions?

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