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Celebrity Weddings! Don’t you just love them? No matter how big or small they are, no matter how secretive or grand they are, when a celebrity gets married, the excitement levels are so high it often feels that we too are invited to the celebrations. The stunning wedding dresses, the destinations, the star-studded guest list, media-madness are a huge inspiration. When Indian skipper Virat Kohli and Bollywood diva Anushka tied a knot last year, it seemed more of a family affair that everyone was talking about. The wedding was most of a hush-hush affair, but when the couple announced the news on social media, the fans went into the complete frenzy. The beautiful Destination Wedding that took place in Tuscany, Italy will remain one of the best and memorable events. Then came the biggest celebrity wedding of 2018! Fashionista Sonam Kapoor tied a knot with Fashion entrepreneur Anand Ahuja on May 8, in Mumbai. The Kapoor household were all geared up for the huge-fat-Punjabi wedding that went on for days together.          

What is so special about these weddings that makes them so spectacular?

The most important aspect is to do things, right from sending invites to the plush affairs of the event, everything needs to be near perfect to make sure that the things are fresh and creative. Yes, with changing times, the way things were done has undergone a drastic change. For instance, you might find an e-invites replacing traditional wedding cards as a new approach where it saves time and money. After all, you don’t get married every day, so the couples are gearing hard to make sure that the day becomes one of the memorable events for the life. You may not get this opportunity again, so let’s start the celebrations with a classical display! The recent trend to make sure that the invitation is accompanied with the plush gift reflects your concern for your guests. Hand embroidered covers, sweet boxes made of silk, sparkling feathers etc. has become the important element which is nothing less than the masterpiece of art. A Destination Wedding holds the power to make the dreams come true! Many people are opting for destinations like Goa, Jaipur, and Kerala as their marriage spots. An exotic location is a key to an amazing wedding! The importunacy of a dramatic decor never goes out of trend! Which has become the key highlight of all the wedding ceremonies? The setting needs to be proper right from staging, lighting, flowers, chairs, and tables, to the centerpieces and curtains. The details can get intricate, but the outcome is worth it. Many Bollywood celebrities hire wedding designers to give their venue a complete makeover that suits the swaggy weddings. Weddings are not only about the perfect locations. For the bride to be, there’s nothing more important than the wedding trousseau, which also includes the wedding dress. Picking one or at times more than one trousseau designer can make all the difference. For example, Sonam Kapoor Ahuja wore outfits from three designers in her wedding ceremonies – Abu Jani-Sandeep Khosla, Anuradha Vakil, and Anamika Khanna. Your jewelry should be unique and one of its kind. When it comes to jewelry what you wear is as important as how you wear it. Its the job of the jewelry designer to guide you to pick the best piece of jewelry that goes perfectly with an outfit. Depending on your style, your comfort level and of course your outfits, the designer can create heavy, light, indo-western, ethnic, contemporary jewelry items whatever suits your body type. Finding the right wedding planner is as important as finding the right partner as the weddings are getting way more creative and demanding. Food, as they say, is the way to the happy stomach is undoubted can never be avoided. There is no such thing as ‘ordinary’ at a Celebrity wedding. Even the most traditional food is supposed to make a style statement. The presentation of the food that is to be laid out is at times more important than the ingredients. The ‘menu’ is one of the most time and effort consuming aspect of a wedding. Though traditional dishes are a part of the cuisine, many couples believe in going ‘international’. Giving the “royal-touch” at a wedding is one of the most important aspects of a celebrity wedding. This is probably the most important way to make your wedding a memorable one, not just for yourself but for everyone who attends it. You need to keep it personal. From your guest list to the decor, from the menu to the venue, it should reflect your taste and style. There isn’t anything wrong if you are taking some ideas or in other words ‘inspiration’ from a celebrity wedding, but remember it is after all “Your Wedding”! So, go ahead, plan your wedding in the grandest way possible! Even if you are not a huge celebrity, your wedding will surely be the talk of the town, and you never know, you might become as famous as a celebrity!

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