10 Amazing Event Decoration Ideas When You Are On A Budget

Decorating while keeping a budget in mind can be difficult, but occasionally a financial constraint can lead to very unique, imaginative, and creative event decoration ideas. A budget also compels you to simplify, and we all know that when it comes to event decoration, less is frequently more. It’s easy to get bored, planning identical

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7 Trending Wedding Car Decoration Ideas For Your Big Day

One has so many plans for his/her wedding. Right from the outfit to the ceremonies and decorations, everything deserves to be picture-perfect. While decoration takes centre stage in marriage, wedding car decoration can not be overlooked. If you are looking for the best wedding car decoration ideas for the groom’s grand entry or bride’s farewell,

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Wedding Destinations in India

10 Best Budget Wedding Destinations in India

Having your dream wedding in a beautiful place with all formalities taken care of has become quite popular in India. Couples are increasingly opting for destination weddings within our country itself. And why not! India is full of picturesque places and scenic locales which are well connected and offer great facilities for weddings and other

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Becoming a Wedding Stylist

Tips to Become a Wedding Stylist

You may all have heard of the Wedding Planner profession but have you heard about the Wedding Stylist job? This job is gaining popularity in the industry with the inherent creativity and flexibility it offers and the opportunity of becoming an entrepreneur. This also suits many couples who want a more intimate wedding with their

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Mandap Decoration

10 Beautiful Mandap Decoration Ideas for Your Wedding

For a traditional Indian wedding, mandap is where the marriage ceremony takes place. After going around the sacred fire, exchanging garlands, and even marriage vows (in a modern context) the union or wedding is sanctified. It all happens in the mandap in the presence of your friends and family who share the joy, cast flowers

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7 Important Things to Keep in Mind Before Planning a Destination Wedding

Having a destination wedding will be a memorable experience for you and your friends & family but planning it takes careful consideration and deliberation. If you think and work out all the issues and challenges in advance you can enjoy it without fretting about any wedding-related matters later on. Planning the wedding will not even

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Scope of Wedding Planner Career in India

India is the land of festivals. People here like to gather at the slightest pretext and celebrate. Our festive occasions and the way we celebrate them are larger than life, and one of the most important occasions for a person, and even more so for his/her family, at least in India is marriage. It is

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Wedding Planning Tips for a Type A Bride

Being a wedding planner is an exciting job but has its share of tense situations and hectic work schedules. On top of that, if you have to deal with a Type A bride on The Big Day and before, it may lead to high stress levels and uncomfortable moments. She will want to take charge

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The Importance of Soft Skills

The Importance of Soft Skills In 2021-2022 Job Market

Soft skills reflect your ability to work with others and develop within an organization, not just as an individual but as a team and a part of the company. In contrast, hard skills demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of a specific, measurable ability. Soft skills aid in developing relationships and resolving issues, allowing you to

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