Staying Motivated

How To Stay Motivated As A Wedding Planner?

Being a wedding planner is indeed one of the most-desired vocations. Planning the most special day for someone is so satisfying. The parties, the planning, the new people, the excitement and celebrations all around indeed gives you an adrenaline rush. The job is thrilling and often well-paying. It is not just the excessive physical labor

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How Successful Wedding Planners Stay Organized

Wedding planning is an exciting vocation, and for many, it is a dream job! This glittering and gleaming business is surely lucrative and glamorous, with its own set of challenges and hardships. And there definitely has been a fair share of budding wedding planners who have taken up this profession to turn their hobby into

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5 Ways To Stress Free Wedding Planning

The reason people hire a wedding planner is to make their wedding day a special and unforgettable event for them as well as everyone who attends it. Hiring a wedding planner gives them the best of both the worlds. They are involved in every small decision that is made, yet at the same time they

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Why Is Customization Important In Planning A Wedding?

One of the most important responsibilities of a wedding planner is to create a personalized wedding for every couple. For this, he first needs to understand what the client wants and then must tailor the different aspects of the wedding to suit the client in particular and the family members in general. So, spending quality

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How Technology Is Changing Indian Weddings?

Just like everything else, over the years, Indian Weddings too have been greatly influenced by technology. So much so that from the wedding lehenga to the wedding invitations, everything now has a new ‘avatar’. Things have become easier though not always simpler. Young couples prefer weaving customs and rituals along with convenience and style and

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Becoming A Better Wedding Planner – 5 Important Guidelines

There has been a transformation in the way Indian Weddings are perceived and organized. Though ‘tradition’ still remains the essence of an Indian wedding, there have been many new innovations and additions. The rising popularity of a wedding planner is a welcome change. With more and more families hiring a full-time wedding planner, the demand

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Wedding Photography

How to Kick-Start Your Business After Completion Of Formal Training

Over the past few years, wedding planning has become a growing field. Thanks to the changing lifestyles, weddings are no longer just a social obligation but are more of a celebration with friends and family. And with young people occupied more and more in their high-profile jobs, hiring a wedding planner makes the process of

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