Wedding Checklist

What are the Top Qualities Of A Successful Wedding Planner?

Indian Weddings have undergone a major transformation over the last few years. A wedding in the house is no longer a stressful event, but a time to get together with friends and families, a time to reunite and have loads of fun together. The roles of parents, siblings, uncles, aunts, and cousins who used to

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How a Wedding Planner Helps You Plan A Wedding in Budget

Congratulations! There is going to be a wedding soon! If you or someone in the family is engaged, there must be a dozen ideas flowing all around. Though weddings are pretty exciting, planning a wedding can be quite stressful. There so much to think and so much to do. One of the biggest tasks of

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International Trends That Have Started Showing Up In Indian Weddings

Indian weddings are all about traditions and heritage. No matter how “modern” one might be, tradition remains the essence of every Indian wedding. Having said that, there is no denying that there are many international trends that have had a big influence on Indian weddings. Westernization has hugely affected the way Indian weddings are planned

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Importance of Internship in a Career like Wedding Planning

Planning a wedding is a high-pressure job, but then that is what makes it interesting and challenging! The charter of duties of a Wedding Planner is a pretty long list that includes planning and implementation of different events, managing various on-site ceremonies, connecting and collaborating with various vendors, arranging appointments with stylists and designers, being

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What Are The Elements To Be Taken Care Of In Planned Weddings?

Weddings are a once-in-a-lifetime phenomenon for each individual and everyone would want to have a dreamlike, all-perfect wedding with no regrets for the future. But no event can be made perfect without proper planning and a timely execution of that plan. But, planning a perfect event is no kid’s play, as it requires high vigilance

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Table Decoration

Is Being A Wedding Planner The Right Career Choice For You?

A Wedding planner makes dreams turn into reality! This is an ongoing process and is probably the biggest reason that the wedding business has turned into a whole new industry, with a turnover of millions and millions of dollars every year. The burgeoning wedding industry has given birth to the recent and most sought-after vocation,

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And So it Begins

What Does It Take To Get Started In A Career In Wedding Planning

A wedding planner is a specialized planner whose sole focus is on the logistics and details of coordinating a wedding ceremony. From assisting a couple in selecting a venue to choose a bridal outfit, a wedding planner does just about everything. Typically, a wedding planner works with the bride/ groom or both and their families

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