start a wedding planning business

Everything you need to know about starting a wedding planning business

A wedding is unique for everyone, whichever part of the world they belong to families want it to be nothing short of perfect. Whether it is the bride, groom, families, or the guests, everyone has expectations from the event, making them cherish the memories throughout their lives. When the expectations are soaring high, the event

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hiring a professional wedding planner

The Ultimate Guide to Hiring a Professional Wedding Planner

Are you planning a dream wedding? You and your loved one are planning to share the journey of togetherness for a lifetime. Your mind wonders what this special day will look like. How the special day will flow and who will be your bridesmaids? All these are obvious questions that surely will come to your

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the wedding school alumni

Proud Moment for the Indian Wedding Industry

Wedding Planning is not everyone’s cup of tea. In fact, a basic sense of designing and organizing is not enough to plan a wedding, especially if you are dealing with an Indian family .  An Indian wedding planner needs to keep this in mind that it’s not just the wedding of two people, rather it’s

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managing wedding planning stress

Why A Wedding Planner Should Learn To Keep Calm Under Pressure?

  Planning a wedding is an exciting affair. Being a wedding planner involves managing and ensuring that everything runs smoothly to make it a perfect day. You need to build a lot of skills before starting an actual wedding planning business. Along with knowing the ins and outs of weddings and the ways to manage

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How To Stay Motivated As A Wedding Planner?

Being a wedding planner is indeed one of the most-desired vocations. Planning the most special day for someone is so satisfying. The parties, the planning, the new people, the excitement and celebrations all around indeed gives you an adrenaline rush. The job is thrilling and often well-paying. It is not just the excessive physical labor

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