Introduction To The Wedding Industry

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Introduction To The Wedding Industry

Falling in love is easy but planning the wedding – is not! That’s why people prefer to entrust themselves to professionals! Speaking of professionals, the wedding industry experiences high cash flow and an outstanding career option. Evidently, the wedding market is enormous; however, tracking where the cash goes needs proper knowledge, and so exists the course – wedding planning. The wedding industry comprises several enterprises, such as gifts, invitations, decorations, design, planning the theme, working alongside vendors, and the list goes on and on. Managing every minute detail is undoubtedly not a task for the bride and groom; thus, people rely on wedding planners. 

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Wedding industry - an overview

The wedding planning starts from selecting the venue to napkins and sees no end until after the wedding. The wedding market is enormous; it includes everything, caterers, photographers, choreographers, consultants, material suppliers, vendors, gifts, etc. That is not all; the wedding industry also covers the post-wedding stage- the honeymoon. As a whole, the industry is rich; however, when broken into niches, every sector has its significance and career options. Some sectors are smaller, while others hold a larger place in the wedding planning process.

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Moreover, the smaller sections can reach up to local and privately owned vendors, while the larger sectors might need professional assistance; for instance – venue coordinator. However, there is a profession that covers everything – a wedding planner!

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  • A wedding planner usually starts by meeting the to-be-couple to understand their needs regarding the wedding day and all the days before and after rehearsal dinners, haldi, sangeet, mehndi, and so on! Once the couple and planner agree on common grounds, a contract is signed to ease the burden on the couple and their families. The arrangements for the wedding industry include everything, from setting a budget to its allocation. Once the vision is clear, and all the documentation is complete, the actual task of a wedding planner starts.

Why do people hire wedding planners?

The best thing a couple can do for their wedding is to hire a wedding planner. Hiring planners will bring peace of mind to the soon-to-be-couple; evidently, it is much needed for them. After all, the couple should be the ones enjoying the nuptials and not stressing over the preparations, right? A wedding planner will take away all the stress and load of managing every detail of the wedding just the way you imagine it to be! 

In the wedding industry, many tasks are bagged by a wedding planner. For instance, the wedding planner takes care of arranging the flowers, catering, printer for invitations, choosing the dresses for the bride and the groom, bridesmaids, and groomsmen, designing the look and feel of the reception and wedding, and a lot more. Along with these, a wedding planner brings several other benefits to the table, as mentioned below:

● They Are Problem Solvers

A wedding planner should have solutions to every possible issue that might arise during a wedding, from a crumpled wedding dress to unexpected delays from vendors and cancelling of services. Professionals from the wedding industry ensure that the wedding faces go unhindered!

● They Organise The Wedding

As aforementioned, wedding planners are there to organise a wedding from start to end. Professionals from the wedding industry will make the tiring and daunting planning process easy.

● They Are Your Budget Allocators

Budgeting is a major factor during weddings; however, losing sight of where the money is spent is easier when there is no expert guidance. This is where a wedding planner will come to aid.

The role of the wedding planner

The wedding industry is vibrant; therefore, a wedding planner is a diverse career option. From being a problem solver to arranging the tiniest detail of your wedding, a wedding planner is an all-rounder friend in disguise a couple surely needs. In addition to it, the role of wedding planners is spread across the wedding industry, including,

  • Assisting with the details of visuals and lights
  • Negotiating with vendors
  • Bring the first one to handle and take care of deliveries
  • Bringing solutions to unexpected problems
  • Planning and running the rehearsals
  • Designing the ceremony (wedding, reception and everything else related to it)
  • Matching the timelines set by the couple
  • Ensuring and looking after the guests as per the guest list
  • Cleaning the venue after the wedding
  • Ensuring that all the borrowed or rental items are returned safely

How to excel in the wedding industry?

  • Now that you know what role a wedding planner plays and how vast the wedding market is, it is time to learn the right skill set to ace the industry! The Wedding School is here with a wedding planning & management course and a design & decor course. Our course deals with all the specifications and technicalities of being a wedding planner. If the thought of helping others thrills you and you are tempted by decor and design, a wedding planner is your best career option!

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