Winter Wedding Favours To Celebrate The Season

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After all, the warm cocktails, cool weather, magnificent snow, and warm and cosy feeling make an incomparable ambience. What can be more mystical than this? Winter wedding favours! The tradition of showing gratitude towards the guests through favours tops the most magical winter wedding ideas!

Winter weddings are memorable for both– the to-be-couple and the planner, and the collaboration between the two brings out the best ideas. So, if you are on your heist to find the best winter wedding ideas, you’ve landed on the right page. Here, we bring eight favours that will make the wedding exceptionally beautiful!

8 Winter Wedding Favours You Should Include While Planning

Indeed, favours are the best winter wedding ideas; after all, showing gratitude always wins everyone’s heart. Do you wish to make wedding favours part of your planning? Got no idea where to start? Mentioned below is the list of eight winter wedding favours;

Place Blankets

If you have a client who favours outdoor winter wedding ideas, blankets are a necessary favour. Pass out blankets to all the guests, or place them outside their rooms wrapped in a pretty ribbon or a basket. It will be the ideal way to keep them warm, nice, and toasty throughout the big day! If any ritual gets delayed or an unexpected issue arises, the blankets keep the guest occupied and calm while you put off all the unexpected fires. 

Use Fuzzy Socks

A cozy ambience is always the preferred choice when it comes to winter wedding themes. Speaking of coziness, fuzzy socks will be a great addition to your winter wedding favours. Fuzzy socks look cute and will keep the feet warm. There is nothing that the guests will enjoy more than kicking their feet up and wrapped in fuzzy socks with a cup of hot beverage. If you are planning a destination wedding, you can pass out the fuzzy socks to the guests; they can be wrapped in a nice covering and delivered along with the invitations.

Cookies and Tea Party

If there is anything the guest love about a winter wedding, it is – GOSSIP, of course, after the bride and groom. Nevertheless, gossip does go around during a wedding. How about you can plan a favour around their favourite chit-chat? Well, try planning cooking and a tea party. Send out tea party invites and let the guests sip TEA while they spill their beans about “who’s who”. You can also serve cookies and tea to keep them engaged and full! This favour is one of the best winter wedding ideas as it will keep the guests occupied for hours, and you can spend your time working on the wedding theme!

Hot Chocolate Fountain

Hot chocolate is hands down the best thing about winter! So, why not add it to your next wedding theme? Place a hot chocolate fountain, and make it a part of the wedding decor. Like the champagne glass tower, even the hot chocolate fountain will grab the attention of every guest, especially children! Moreover, if the children are happy, theirs will automatically be happy, thus, a successful wedding favour.


S’mores Kit

Next up on the list is the s’mores kit. S’more is low-cost and is easily available at every grocery store. So, if your client has a low budget for favours, this winter wedding theme will be the perfect solution. Make the s’more kit – add marshmallows, chocolate bars, graham crackers, etc. and send them out along with the invites. This will show your client’s gratitude in a cost-effective yet elegant way!


Add Recovery Kits

Weddings and the after party is sure thing for a hangover headache. A recovery kit is the perfect winter wedding favour if you are planning an NYE-style wedding theme. Include pain relievers, anti-acids, lip balms, and anything else your client might feel is necessary to be in the kit. When the guests wake the next morning, they will thank the couple and you – because you planned it all!

Candles Are A Must

Winter weddings and candles go hand-in-hand. Since the days are shorter at weddings, candles can create the perfect dimly lit ambience for all the wedding nuptials, from cocktail parties to Haldi, Sangeet, and even reception. Candles also provide warmth, so it won’t be wrong to call this winter wedding favour a win-win for all!


Decorate With Dried Flowers

Lastly, on our list of favours, we have dried flowers. Winter is all about the beauty of falling leaves, dried flowers, and the crunch of the dried leaves. Indeed, setting the wedding theme around dried flowers will enhance the cozy feeling; plus, decor with dried flowers will be incredibly beautiful! Thank the guest with a setting they will never forget with the help of dried flowers!


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