A Night to Remember: The Wedding School’s Convocation at The Lalit Hotel

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The Wedding School, a renowned institution dedicated to preparing professionals for the ever-growing wedding industry, recently celebrated its Convocation ceremony of its Batch 8 (2022) at the luxurious Lalit Hotel. The venue was transformed into a stunning event space, adorned with exquisite decor and mesmerizing lighting that set the tone for an unforgettable evening.

The students were excited to now be meeting offline and physically meeting and greeting one another. The faculty was overwhelmed to welcome the students who till date interreacted on screen and were now in front of them. The room was filled with cheers and laughter as the students walked in with their family members and friends.

Our Co-Founder & CEO Mareesha Parikh warmly welcomed the guests and faculty to the event, highlighting the achievements of the graduating students and expressing her gratitude for their hard work, passion for learning and dedication. She also took the opportunity to discuss ways to further enhance the students’ learning experience, demonstrating her commitment to continuous improvement and growth. She further discussed with Dr. Usha Parikh, Director, TWS and Sharon Monsorate, Senior Academic Head on the way forward for students and feedback that they could use that would benefit them on this journey into the World of Weddings!

Three students were chosen at random to share their experiences at The Wedding School. The first, a talented choreographer, spoke about the invaluable skills he has acquired, enabling him to create memorable performances for wedding celebrations. Initially, it was just the choreography aspect handled but now on the whole handling a wedding on his own has given him the confidence to execute it seamlessly though initially he faced a lot of roadblocks and he stumbled on various occasions.

The second student, hailing from Kenya, expressed her appreciation for the school’s global approach and the diverse community they had become a part of. Her initial hesitation and the course was too good to be true now turning into a reality and working with a leading wedding planner in Mumbai executing celebrity events and weddings.

Finally, a student from the decor batch shared her journey of mastering the art of transforming venues into dreamy wedding spaces. Her struggle with handling things on her own on venue and taking decisions. There were challenges but she came through as a winner.

The event also featured a special segment where the tribe students (ex-students), who had faced various challenges during their studies, were called upon to share their inspiring stories. Their determination and resilience served as a powerful source of motivation for the current students. By sharing of experiences from where they began and the ups and downs to where they stand today gave the budding talent hope and confidence to move on.

The convocation came to a close with the much-anticipated certificate distribution, followed by a surprise trophy ceremony, honoring the exceptional achievements of the graduating students. The students went all out in clicking pictures with their batch mates with their certificates and at the photobooth.

As the night ended, the attendees left with a sense of pride and accomplishment, ready to embark on their exciting careers in the wedding industry. They will now see each other on field either being a part of a wedding or stepping in as an entrepreneur.

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