The Indian Wedding Industry Is Booming And We See A Steep Increase In “I Do” To Wedding Planners

Want to build your career as a wedding planner 

Weddings were once a family affair. It used to be a celebration between two families and close-knit relatives. But not anymore. The rising standard of living and the growing affluence of people have not left “Weddings’ untouched with its extravagant traits. The Indian Wedding Industry is now a US 40-billion-dollar industry with tremendous growth opportunities for all involved within this industry. There has been little, or no awareness about wedding planning till the last decade. Let us first understand what has brought this significant shift in the way weddings were conducted. The main reason is the rise in income, changing lifestyles and attitudes of the people. A marriage is a once in a lifetime event. Couples and families do not mind splurging money on the marriage. It is estimated that the money spent on weddings has doubled as compared to what it was about ten years ago. Wedding planners take away the bulk of responsibilities and go around managing everything during the wedding – Searching the best venue or destination venue, handling various vendor coordination, recommend the wedding outfit from the best designers to upkeep stylist, every minute detail to the flowers to be used under set budget. The shift of traditional wedding planning to professional wedding planners is for the better as now things are done more professionally and in a much more organized way. Why do you think the big shots spend substantial sums on the wedding? For instance, Karnataka’s former minister, Mr. G. Janardhan Reddy, paid an exorbitant amount of Rs 500 crore for his daughter’s marriage ceremony. The wedding was an extravagant affair – larger than life event. Wedding planners did the entire planning and execution – right from Helium balloons adorned with the faces of the Reddy clan, the arrangement of Dancers from Brazil and over 3,000 bouncers and security guards were hired to ensure smooth movement of activities.           The low-scale and straightforward weddings have given way to dominant themes and destination weddings. Couples are far more aware and know exactly what they what and how they want it. Many young people who wish to have a lavish wedding don’t need to depend on their parents and have saved enough to have a marriage of their dreams. And it is not that this change has affected only the wealthy and high society people. This shift has been evident when it comes to middle and upper-middle-class families as well. Today when there is so much exposure, the young boys and girls start having ideas about their wedding theme. Celebrity weddings are also a significant influence and more and more youngsters wish to replicate that in their lives. Weddings and receptions of the likes of Anushka and Virat in Tuscany, Italy is very similar to the fairy tale where you can’t stop yourself to fall in love with destination and couple outfits throughout the wedding. More and more people now believe that if you have the right wedding planner by your side, you can have a smooth way of executing the entire plan. That in turns gives you the opportunity to spend that time with your friends and family. Rather than making plans, you can create memories for a lifetime. Once the wedding planner takes charge, you can leave all there worries and tensions to them. The individual needs to be clear about what he/she wants and how they want it, and a good wedding planner will be able to deliver just that. Many a times family members plan everything that is to happen at the wedding, but putting it all into action is not that easy. A seasoned wedding planner would be able to make a complete plan for you depending on your requirement and budget. He is an expert at handling all wedding complexities and can offer you the best advice on the trickiest of situations. This steady change in the attitude of people and acceptance of Wedding Planners in the society has been instrumental in causing a humungous growth of the wedding planning industry. This, in turn, has also affected numerous other sectors. A lot of people and companies are venturing into the Wedding industry as the prospects seem very bright and inviting. There are various subparts of organising weddings which together combine into one big-fat-Indian-wedding. With so much money invested in the wedding, the level and grandeur of a marriage has also grown tremendously. This trend is bound to grow in coming years and the Wedding Planning industry is on a growth trajectory giving fantastic opportunities for all folks who are joining this industry at this stage.
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