International Trends That Have Started Showing Up In Indian Weddings

Indian weddings are all about traditions and heritage. No matter how “modern” one might be, tradition remains the essence of every Indian wedding. Having said that, there is no denying that there are many international trends that have had a big influence on the Indian weddings. Westernization has hugely affected the way Indian weddings are planned and carried out. The young couples love tradition but with a dash of modernity! More and more couples want a global kind of wedding, that becomes an event to remember not just for them, but for everyone who attends it.

Thanks to the influence of social media, the youth is hugely exposed to the lives of celebrities. The destination weddings of Virushka and the very recent Deepveer, have given wedding goals to many. The marriage ceremony has become an extravagant off-shore holiday. Young brides wish to have a fairytale wedding and that has brought a huge rise in the demand of wedding planners, elegant caterers, trousseau designers, stylists, banquet organiser etc.

The travelling enthusiast young Indian would love to make their day all the more special, and if budget is an issue, an international destination wedding can be easily replaced with exotic Indian wedding destinations like Goa, Kerala and Rajasthan. The serene and classy environment adds wanderlust for a fairy tale set-up. Just like most international weddings, Indian weddings are no longer considered to be a herculean task (thanks to all the help from wedding planners), but rather a time when friends and family get together to have lots of fun.

Talking about the presence of friends and family at the wedding, the international trend of having bridesmaids and groomsmen has made an entry in our wedding scenario as well. There has also been a major shift in the bride’s outfit. The Indian bride is now seen in colors apart from the traditional red and shades of green. Yellow and even white are now gaining popularity. Different styles of hair-dos and makeup have also made way. The wedding guests are also seen following different color schemes for different wedding ceremonies, from an all yellow in the “Haldi Function”, to an all-white tempo for the “Sangeet”. The sangeet pictures and videos of Bollywood actress Sonam Kapoor awed everyone, with every guest was clad in shades of white. More and more people are opting for pastel and sorbet shades especially for summer weddings.

Unlike before, when long forgotten friends and relatives were also invited to the weddings, just like international weddings, the guest-list of an Indian wedding is now planned more articulately. This also makes it easier to make each guest feel more special and truly a part of the big day. Parting gifts with their names on, specific photo-shoots, allotted tables at ceremonies etc. are ways to make everyone feel extra special.

With a rise in inter-caste and even inter-country marriages, many couples are experimenting with a fusion of eastern and western culture. It is not just an acknowledgement to their heritage, but it is their way of blending the east and west styles. This has also given rise to another important aspect of the spectacle of the wedding which is an exemplified and lavish layout of food. From Chinese to Lebanese, Italian to Japanese, Mexican to Thai, along with the exotic Indian cuisines are all reaching the modest palate of the guests.

This Indo-western fusion of the wedding trends is nothing less than an opulent celebration and has further added more glitter and sophistication to the Indian wedding industry. There is no doubt that international trends that have started showing up in Indian weddings, and they are here to stay!

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