Mahima’s Event Management Journey: An Insightful Blog

Mahima’s Event Management Journey: An Insightful Blog

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Setting Sail: A Serendipitous Beginning

Mahima’s venture into the realm of event management commenced unexpectedly one December day. Originally slated for an internship elsewhere, a twist of fate led her to Mumbai, where she landed an internship at Iscra.

A Trio of Guidance: Iscra's Three Directors

Under the leadership of three adept directors—Bruca, Himma M, and Sonana Maam—Iscra proved to be a haven for Mahima’s exploration. Their collective expertise in operations, hospitality, and production provided Mahima with a comprehensive learning experience.

Role Play: From RSVPs to Social Media

Mahima's journey unfolded with diverse responsibilities. From crafting RSVP sheets for weddings to managing hospitality desks at events, she swiftly transitioned into handling social media management during lulls.

Learning Curve: Overcoming Challenges

ming ChallengesDespite being a newcomer to the event industry, Mahima embraced challenges with resilience. Excelling in tasks spanning logistics coordination to client servicing, she garnered praise from both clients and colleagues.

Forward Bound: Goals and Aspirations

Reflecting on her journey, Mahima sets her sights on expanding her skill set, networking within the industry, and delving deeper into event production and design. She aims to cultivate a strong personal brand and maintain a positive outlook amidst the chaos.

Personal Growth: A Journey Within

Mahima’s event management expedition not only refined her professional prowess but also spurred significant personal growth. She emerged more confident, vocal, and adaptable, poised to confront future challenges with grace and determination.

Wrapping Up: Celebrating Milestones and Anticipating the Future

Mahima’s voyage in event management has been marked by trials, triumphs, and invaluable lessons. As she continues to evolve in her career, she remains thankful for the opportunities she’s seized and eagerly anticipates the adventures that lie ahead.

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