The Wedding School kickstarts the Batch of 2020 amidst COVID-19

Want to build your career as a wedding planner

Even during the pandemic, the zeal for learning is on a rise. As our CEO Mareesha Parikh says, ‘Don’t let the learning stop’ Even the lockdown couldn’t stop us from imparting knowledge & value. Adapting to the technology of this day and age, we’ve begun our wedding planning courses LIVE Online.

You can now learn Wedding Planning & Management from anywhere across the globe with our online courses. There is no barrier to learning. We have our classes on the weekends. We are focused on quality education and training by helping aspiring individuals prepare to become professional wedding planners. We prepare students to face the dynamics of wedding planning and how they can eventually become leaders & become successful entrepreneurs.

To start things off for our TWS Tribe, we had a surprise box delivered to them.
We sent them a starter kit to help them be more prepared for the classes.
In our session 1, we got to introduce ourselves and everyone got to know each other. Our CEO, Mareesha Parikh then proceeded to give an introduction to wedding planning and after more discussion at the end of the class, the students were given a research assignment.
Session 2 kicked off with our students presenting their assignment and discussing the important moments in a wedding with Hemant Kale. He spoke about the creative aspect of the job and gave a brief introduction to the Industry stalwarts. We’ve been educating budding wedding planners at the wedding school for over two years but this is our first virtual batch.

Thanks to the overwhelming response and support in the industry, we’ve been lucky enough to build a foundation for the wedding planners.

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