5 Reasons why the Wedding Industry will explode after COVID-19

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Indian weddings are indeed a memorable affair and on an average, a person spends around one-fifth of his life savings on their wedding day. The wedding industry did take a setback with a lot of weddings getting cancelled due to coronavirus. But the industry will kickstart their work on a larger scale as soon as the guidelines are issued. One of the most lucrative industries in India, they are all set to erupt post-COVID-19. Here are some of the reasons why.

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1. 50% of couples are planning a 2021 wedding

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2. 90% of couples have confirmed that pandemic will not affect their pre-planned wedding budgets

According to a survey done by the Wedding Wire, families or couples said that they wouldn’t let the pandemic affect their wedding celebrations. Majority of the population choose to get married in India, so when the weddings resume it will be with the same excitement and vigour.

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3. Online Weddings are rising in popularity

The pandemic couldn’t stop couples from getting married. Instead of cancelling their nuptials, many couples have opted for getting married virtually via zoom or skype wedding with their loved ones able to witness their union of love from around the world.
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4. Weddings for a limited number of people have already begun

During this lockdown, many couples chose to downsize their wedding and invite guests according to the government guidelines. Love continues at the time of this pandemic with social distancing and donning masks. With new safety precautions post-pandemic, weddings will be bigger than ever. How they will manage social distancing? The guests will be given time slots to attend weddings. 

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5. Now more than ever, people want to marry their significant others

With uncertainty looming over the future, people want to hold onto their love and cherish it. They want to be with their significant others in the future. There is an increase in trends of people getting engaged or Roka’s happening virtually. Love has only blossomed during this time and will continue to do so.

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As lives continue, the marriages will prosper and continue with full pomp and splendour next year. Now is the best time to pursue your dreams and join the multi-billion dollar wedding industry as a wedding event planner. Interested in how to be a wedding planner? Connect with us to know more.

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