5 Tools & Software We Cover In Our Design Course

Want to build your career as a wedding planner

Planning a wedding professional is one of the most enjoyable tasks. A wedding planner gets a mix-match of accomplishment, emotion and satisfaction when the clients walk down the aisle and take each other’s hand; ‘forever’!

Though you may think that being a wedding planner is an easy task and you can effectively plan a whole wedding by yourself; the fact is you can’t! Being a wedding planner is not the job of a single person. You need a team that works with you professionally and handles their tasks without fail. If you aspire to become a successful wedding planner you require a team of experts that can plan, design, prepare layouts, handle clients, and manage everything on the field. These professionals sit together and plan for the event.

If you are willing to pursue wedding designing and decoration as your career, we have got you the best option. It is important to enrol in a certified course and experience the best of the industry. Let’s dive into the blog and know more about the course details of wedding designing and decoration. 

Why choose a wedding design and decor course?

A wedding designer plays a part in the planning of the event. At this stage, the wedding planner creates a backbone of the function or in simple terms, A Layout.

A wedding design and decor course are slightly different from a wedding planner course. A designer or decorator is involved in technicalities, as they digitally prepare a layout and create a dream of the client on paper or tablet.

Not only do certified courses provide experience but also help in developing the individual’s expertise in the field. Once you step out as a wedding planner, you would notice that the professionals with the proper course and experience are designing the wedding easily and in a limited time. Also, people with degrees and certificates from top wedding institutes outdo in their field when compared to a person without any certification. 

Pursuing an online or hybrid course helps in developing basic to expert skills in an individual. The best part of learning from an institute is that you not only understand things in a professional way but better understand what things must be avoided at the time of creating a wedding event. You can successfully execute a wedding or other social events when you have a detailed idea. These wedding design and decor courses focus on using special tools and software that provide a professional touch to the students and they can easily learn while matching their steps with technology.

Tools and Software used in a wedding design and decor course

To enhance your creativity and imagination while pursuing a wedding design and decor course, technology can be your partner to success. Using tools and software can be time efficient and ease the work as you can prepare a plan at any time and anywhere. Top wedding schools and institutes rely on the software and tools to teach their pupils. Though you may find a number of online tools used in such institutes, we have listed some of the top ones that are worth using. Here is the list that would not only enhance your creativity but develop a personal touch every time you work.

1- Adobe illustrator

Adobe illustrator is a worldwide famous application, used for textual styles, making logos, preparing posters etc. Easy to use and learn, this application plays an important role in the course of wedding design and decor from the top institutes. You can use this tool to prepare high-quality banners, images, wedding plans, stage designs, or anything requested by the client.

Many times clients like to personalise the wedding in every possible way and you can’t explain it to your team in person, here you can design a rough sketch and your team could work accordingly.

2- Excel

MS Excel or Excel calendar is a customisable template. When planning a wedding many details and lists are prepared and managed. From the budget to the guest lists and places for the honeymoon, everything is written down so people can organise their work accordingly.

Because it is a free and widely popular tool, most wedding institutes use this to teach their students and make them understand the thorough usage of these types of tools in their careers. Excel sheets also play an important part at the time of payments and booking tickets. These sheets work as a reminder to all the world that is completed and what is due.

3- AutoCAD

This software is used to design 3D and 2D images, illustrations and drawings. This is one of the most desirable software that increases your chance of joining the best wedding planning companies in the world.                                             

Institutes use AutoCAD software and make their students learn about every detail of using the software professionally. This software provides an accurate image and design layouts that could attract clients easily. Using software and tools like AutoCAD adds a better vision to your event and the team can easily work together with the same perspective.

4- Sketchup

A 3D interior render and visualizer, learning Sketchup in your college and diploma course can be very effective. You can create a 3D design of everything as it is planned and share raw footage with your team. It is super easy to learn this tool while pursuing a wedding design and decor course. You can easily follow the 3D visuals as a map and work accordingly. This way you can keep your event organised and get praised later.

5- PPT

Anything can be managed with a good PowerPoint presentation. You can learn bits and pieces of making a great presentation by learning the art of giving an effective sales pitch to the client. Making an attractive PPT can help you generate more clients and would keep your team informed as well. PPTs however are used for many different reasons, the best part is you can customise them and let your talent speak through the PPT.

Top institute for wedding design and decor

If you are interested in pursuing wedding design and decor, choose the top institute that could help in enhancing your skills. The Wedding School is your perfect place; with supportive faculty, expertise from the industry and proper job opportunities you can reach the peak of your career.

Along with wedding design and decor courses, The Wedding School provides planning and management courses. You can choose from the online or hybrid course and ensure a top place in the industry.

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