Importance of Formal Education to Advance in the Career of A Wedding Planner

Want to build your career as a wedding planner 

A career as a Wedding Planner seems to be the dream job for many youngsters today. And why not, the job profile is so appealing- the big parties, the destination weddings, the celebrity status and the star-studded evenings. All this glitterati makes the job of a wedding planner look so tempting and attractive. But it’s not just late-night parties and celebrity guests that a wedding planner deals with on a daily basis. A successful wedding planner has to be not just a Jack but a Master of all trades. He has to be a great organizer, a stringent money-manager, a counselor, a fashion follower, a creative artist, the list is just endless. One of the most important qualities of a maestro Wedding Planner is that he/ she is able to shoulder all these responsibilities with a calm and composed head. Weddings can be highly charged with emotions. With last minute issues to the rising pressures from the couple’s families can be quite over-whelming. Even in such high-pressure situations, a wedding planner is expected to be patient, as only then can the ceremonies go by smoothly! In India, the demand of wedding planners is constantly on a rise. There are about ten lakh weddings that take place every year. With weddings ranging from a budget of 5 lakhs to 5 crores, the Indian Wedding Industry is worth a whopping amount of Rs. 1,00,000 crores. And that’s not it, the industry has been showing a steady increase of about 25-30% annually. Therefore, it comes as not much of a surprise that more and more people are trying to make an entry into this prospering industry. This affluence and profitability tempt a lot of entrepreneurs and have led to a significant increase in the number of wedding planners in the market today. But, such a flourishing situation also gives rise to competition and often wedding planners have to strive hard to maintain their position in the wedding market. There are a lot of pre-requisites that a wedding planner must fulfil in order to keep in existence in this always changing scenario of the wedding industry. One of the most important requisites is to have some formal education in Wedding Planning. Though there isn’t any formal requirement of a degree or a diploma that one needs to have in order to pursue a career in the wedding planning, but needless to say it is a huge advantage. There are many private schools, colleges and centers that run courses in wedding planning. The Wedding School is one such institute that is unique, as it not only offers aspiring students Diploma Courses in Wedding Planning and Management but it also has a personalized approach. The institute looks into every aspect that goes into creating the perfect wedding planner from formal training to overall grooming. Wedding planning institutes run programs and educate eager aspirants about this service industry. It is much more than just organizing and managing events. It includes working with art, designer labels, renowned stylists, design and decor, and most importantly it involves the emotions of so many people together. By earning a certification of a wedding planning course, you can ease and strengthen your goal of becoming a successful wedding planner. It not only helps you polish your organizational and crisis management skills, but your educational credentials also help you in finding a good job, as they work very well in building up your portfolio. The chances of thriving in the wedding industry are very bright. You just need to be aware and analyze the trends and shifts in the wedding business. It has so many sub-divisions and department, and an expert wedding planner has to be a master in all. From the initial chalking out of the wedding plan with his client’s approval to planning the invites and gifts, the designing and the decor, management of destination wedding, hospitality, entertainment, photography etc. This is where your formal education helps you understand the technicalities of this industry. When the students attend sessions and workshops that educate them about the ways of the wedding industry, they also get hands-on experience of many such events. If you have the educational background in wedding planning, it also helps you learn and master the tricks of the trade. Studying and learning about the wedding planning industry is one part of the formal education that a student receives, what is equally important is the actual training that he receives. It is the internship that the student undergoes which gives him a true picture of how exactly a wedding planner works. The practical training that the students receive helps them to get a better understanding of how things work in the wedding industry. Most institutes offer an internship to their students. This is the best way to put your newfound skills to test. No matter how much you learn sitting in the classroom, it can never actually measure up to what you learn through your practical experiences. It is during the internship period that many of the students realize how difficult it can be to work under contest pressure of deadlines. The internship period will be a great learning for you and will give you many life-long lessons to remember. The result of your internship will also play a key role in your placement. With the rise and rise of the wedding industry in India, many startups and event management companies are also trying their luck here. With creativity and new ideas being constantly in demand, the need for more and more young and dynamic wedding planners is on an all-time high. People today are becoming aware of the various options that they have, and it is not just the rich and famous who hire wedding planners. The middle-class families take up a reasonable share of the wedding planner’s schedule. Therefore, there is a rising demand for wedding planners who can organize weddings from a small and humble level to the grandest levels of all. Thanks to this mammoth growth in the scale of the wedding industry in India, wedding too has become a big business and there is absolutely no doubt that a career in the wedding planning is rather hot and rewarding! According to the data submitted by the Association Of Bridal Consultants, the hiring of wedding planners has seen a gigantic rise from 7% in 2013 to 18% in 2017. With more than 2.5 million wedding a year, there is enough scope for young and talented Wedding Planners to explore the highest reaches in this business. If you too are an aspiring wedding planner, enrol yourself in a reputed Wedding Planning Institute and get geared up to Ace the world!

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