The Wedding School- The Benefits of Getting Enrolled

Want to build your career as a wedding planner 

As India is known for its colorful culture, weddings are considered the best place to witness its different traditions. Besides being a symbol of culture, it’s fast turning into a profit-making business opportunity. With the passage of time, Indian weddings are getting bigger and better, and so is the business involved, starting from caterers, designers to planners. Indian wedding industry is developing in terms of both scale and volume. As per the records, nearly 10-12 million weddings take place every year. Indian wedding is around 50 billion dollar industry and is developing at 25-30% annually. There are numerous adjuvant markets and divisions benefiting from this particular boom, such as diamond and gold jewellery, decoration, apparels, makeup industry and to name a few. The wedding planning industry is also on its peak at the moment. Technology has also seized the wedding season and so has the buying habits. Different families and planners come online to check latest trends in the upcoming wedding season.


Weddings are whimsical, and they are meant to be this way. This is the day when two people enamored by each other’s charm decide to make their union eternal. But how to start planning this day of love is the real question. The increase in the demand of client expectations for wedding calls for a right professional in the industry. They are look for well trained, groomed and educated youngsters who are capable of running the show. The demand for such talent is increasing in the wedding fraternity. One such challenge is taken by The Wedding School and being a Mumbai based institute, it offers certified Diploma courses in Wedding Planning and Management. The Wedding School focuses more towards educating and helping young aspirants who possess vitality and keenness to learn the hairlines of the service industry and beat in this vibrant promising world of The Big Fat Indian Wedding Industry. As a part of internship program at TWS, students are offered an opportunity to work with the leading wedding planners based in Mumbai. Here the new students will undergo all round transformation which makes it difficult to believe. They are encouraged to use their theoretical knowledge which gets translated into practical skills. TWS strives to educate and empower those who actually want to have a career in the Indian Wedding Industry.

The programs offered by TWS can help you learn more about the various aspects of running your own business in weddings if you belong travel industry or have an events background. As it is rightly said that, in the field of wedding and event planning; no special degree is needed, it’s your experience that matters; in a way it’s undoubtedly true but in this competitive era, you need to upgrade your profile and get recognized in the market to run your business prosperously.  Another aspect or benefit of enrolling in a wedding management and planning school is that you get to learn the nuances in further detail which you cannot acquire on your own; you can learn about various skills and etiquettes about the profession in an organized manner.  


Entrepreneurs wanting to expand their branches in wedding business need to groom your talent, have more confidence and to upgrade your market value; doing this you can be a successful wedding planner. The Wedding School has the Specialized course that will help you to kick start your own venture.  With all the professional experience that TWS team carries, has spurred the enrollment applications for batch 3. Seeing this overwhelming response for batch 3, TWS thought of giving something back to the industry by commencing open admissions for batch 4 starting on 1stSeptember, 2019.

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