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“Till death do us part”, “Qubool hai”, or the classic Indian “saat phere” – wedding customs are a treasure that everyone cherishes.  From the alluring backdrops to stunning wedding venues; wedding planning takes a lot. If you have found Monica to your Chandler, then indeed, a grand wedding awaits you. Planning a wedding is not money for jam. Being a bride or groom, if you are thinking of arranging everything on your own, then you might find yourself in a state of limbo.


That’s where wedding planners come into being! Wedding planners are the anchor to the haywire wedding preparations. Speaking of wedding planners, how can one not think of wedding planning courses? After all, wedding planning courses in India are your ladder to becoming an Avant-garde wedding planner! 

Wedding Planning Courses Continue The Saga…

There is no doubt that wedding customs are tiring. Therefore, wedding planning is not something that the bride, groom or their families want to burden themselves with. Wedding Planning is not dead, if anything, it has become even more popular with time. Living in the Gen Z era, wedding planning has even become a profession and thus giving rise to wedding planning courses in India.

Though the tradition of wedding planning is still alive, it has evolved over time. Gone are the days when wedding planning was just limited to decor and vendor management. Nowadays, from collaborating with the food vendors, florists, etc., to decorations and using technology in event management, wedding planning courses consist of all of it.

There is a great demand for wedding planners, are you as well an aspirant? Well, then wedding planning courses in India are a must for you. Speaking of wedding planning courses – The Wedding School can be your ideal partner. If you think you are creative and have a zeal for event management, then we can help you polish your skills to reach the top.

Wedding Planning Courses In India By The Wedding School

Imagine the beautiful backdrop of Goa’s beach with golden hues covering the wedding decorations and the bride and groom taking their vows amidst it all. Undeniably, even the thought of it is beautiful, and when you are the reason for such a stellar and stunning setup, the feeling will be unmatched.

With our wedding planning courses, you will begin your journey to becoming an embodiment for aspiring wedding planners. Our wedding planning courses teach the students every inch of wedding planning, from decor and design to layout and rendering, and finally pitching and execution.


Mentioned below are our wedding planning courses: –

Wedding Planning And Management

One of our most popular wedding planning courses is the wedding planning and management course. This course is available in both LIVE online and hybrid mode. The curriculum for this course includes lessons on different stages of wedding planning, hospitality, invitations & gifting, technology in event management, production, presenting, sale, costing, budgeting, and many more areas of wedding planning.

Wedding planning courses are a necessity for wedding planners, especially, the planning and management course since it covers all the basics. This is a four-month long course with 25 sessions in online mode and six months with 35 sessions in hybrid mode. Upon completion of this course, students will get a certification and will be connected with the industry stewards.

Design and Decor Course

Our design and decor course is an extension of the wedding planning and management course. This course is specifically designed for students who have completed basic wedding planning courses. The design and decor course takes students deeper into the technology in event management. Our design and decor course is available in both live online and hybrid mode. Similar to the wedding planning and management course, the duration of this course is four months with 25 sessions and six months with 35 sessions in online and hybrid modes respectively.

In this course, students get to learn about the art of pitch presentation, production and fabrication, technology in event management, florals, and other technical aspects. Along with this, students will also meet the industry stewards during their tenure. The design and decor course is different from other wedding planning courses because this course nurtures the expertise of execution among the students.

Entrepreneur Course (Specialised Course)

If you think you have entrepreneurial skills, then it is one of the best wedding planning courses in India for you. With our entrepreneur course, you will learn all about mapping your future, and presentations across different verticals. The entire course is segmented into three parts, first with future mapping, second with relationship management, social media management and tackling with clients and lastly, we provide specialised training in your selected department.

The aim of this course is to polish the leadership qualities of students and help them in being the next brand. Among all the wedding planning courses, the entrepreneur course is the icing on the cake for the students. Our entrepreneur course is a ten-month-long online plus offline course.  After the specialisation course, we offer our students mentorship on two projects within the time period of two months.

Turn This Saga Into Your Profession

The Wedding School is your ideal institution for wedding planning courses. We stepped into the wedding educational industry to normalise the new trends in wedding planning. The industry has seen many changes over the past few years, and we are aimed to prepare the students for the upcoming trends in wedding planning. There is no denying that wedding planning is ever-evolving just like fashion. Trends come in and go all the time, therefore, with our wedding planning courses, we teach the students all about the technology in event management, fabrications, production, and a lot more.

Your dream of becoming the next industry steward is just a step away from enrolling. Enrol in our course right away, and grab yourself the opportunity to meet the experts of the industry. Interact with them, make connections and you will soon climb the ladder to your dreams. Based in Mumbai, you can enrol in our online course from anywhere, and as for hybrid, we have our branches in Jaipur, Delhi, Kolkata, and Pune. Nagpur, Bangalore, Indore, and Chennai.

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