7 Important Things to Keep in Mind Before Planning a Destination Wedding

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Having a destination wedding will be a memorable experience for you and your friends & family but planning it takes careful consideration and deliberation. If you think and work out all the issues and challenges in advance you can enjoy it without fretting about any wedding-related matters later on. Planning the wedding will not even feel tedious to you but give the feeling of accomplishment and self-sufficiency. Let us look into some important things to check while planning a destination wedding.

1. “Plan Before, Enjoy Later”

The first and most important part of the destination wedding checklist is to search for a destination in advance unless you are eloping or planning to keep the wedding secret. Start looking for your dream destination and venues at least a full year before the wedding date. You can compare destinations and venues and get a killer bargain in return. Many hotels and resorts, if booked in advance, will give you a good deal. You can also get better options from local vendors and photographers this way. Look out for any travel warnings including political unrest or health issues in advance. You do not want to be stranded and helpless in a foreign locale instead of having the time of your life. Also, check out the usual local weather and climatic conditions at the time of your wedding. These should be favourable and mellow. Planning a winter wedding in Gulmarg, Kausani in India or Lake district in the UK is not feasible but a summer wedding will be fabulous.

2. Hire a Pro and Go with the Flow

The most important skill set that you are going to need for a wedding planner career is that you should be outgoing, have empathy, and good interpersonal skills. India is a vast country with many different cultures, religions, cuisines, and also with a diverse social background. For a wedding planner career, you need to have good knowledge about different cultures in India and be respectful towards the marriage customs and rituals which may or may not appear quaint to you. 

As we discussed earlier, you need to have a good imagination, a creative mindset, good aesthetic sense, and particularly in the case of India, a magnanimous sense of colour, class, and kitsch, which should be toned down and up depending upon the client’s preferences. Also, you need to be a good planner and organizer, have patience and good diplomatic skills to placate, convince, and not offend clients or workers alike.

3. Save the Date and Don’t Be Late

Planning a destination wedding checklist includes informing the guests well in advance. This will allow them time to make travel arrangements, organize their schedules and apply for passports and visas if the destination is overseas and take care of other matters too. The information should be detailed and include the number of days for the wedding ceremonies along with the location and logistics and travel arrangements if you are providing them. It will be good to include a map to the destination from the nearest airport, bus, or train station, whatever is applicable.

4. Plan the Guest List and Accommodation

While planning the guest list keep in mind the lodging arrangements as well. Choose lodgings and accommodation that are affordable, good, and comfortable with all the necessary amenities. It is important to include it whether preparing an Indian destination wedding checklist or an overseas one. 

5. Make Sure to Get Insured

Get fully prepared and armoured favourable with all the necessary insurance before the wedding. Get travel insurance, theft, and fire insurance, and most important of all, wedding insurance. Some venues have this as a requirement and it also protects and saves your financial expenses in case of any complications. It also provides a certain peace of mind. Do include it while planning a destination wedding checklist.

6. Check the Destinations’ Marriage Laws

This is generally applicable when planning a destination wedding overseas. The marriage laws there may require tiresome paperwork and different identity proofs like birth certificates, medical certificates, residency proof among others. Research about these in advance so you have the necessary documentation at the time. A better way is to go through a civil marriage and get the certificate and then have your planned destination wedding.

7. Secure Passports and other Paperwork

Do not forget to include this point while creating a destination wedding checklist. It is obvious that you need a valid passport and visas for overseas travel. Some countries may deny your visa application if your passport is expiring within 6 months of applying. Do the research and complete the necessary paperwork required in advance along with health certificates and get the required vaccinations.


If planned, a destination wedding will be what you imagined and wanted. For Indians, usually, a wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime experience and a perfectly planned destination wedding will be a much talked about and a beautiful, and memorable experience for you and your loved ones.

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