Why Is Customization Important In Planning A Wedding?

One of the most important responsibilities of a wedding planner is to create a personalized wedding for every couple. For this, he first needs to understand what the client wants and then must tailor the different aspects of the wedding to suit the client in particular and the family members in general. So, spending quality time with the clients and pinpointing their interests becomes instrumental. Keeping their interests in mind the wedding planner then creates ‘event-paths’ which make it possible for him to turn his client’s dreams and ideas into a reality.

Every couple wants that their wedding should be an unforgettable event not just for them but for everyone who attends it. But, many a time, devoting so much time and effort is not possible neither for the couple nor for the family members. This is where a wedding planner enters.

The wedding planner who is a pro at handling every little detail of a wedding, can easily help in planning and customizing various things the way the client wants. He is an expert at making the best use of the available resources and can do wonders to even the most basic items and ideas. And the best part is that he can do all this well within the budget that his client has given him.

The Venue

The selection of the venue is probably one of the most significant factors of the wedding. The surrounding help in setting the tone of the wedding. Whether it is a society park or a farmhouse or an open field, the wedding planner can customize and personalize the space as per the choice of the client. He can create an intimate space for the special guests as well. Overhead lighting, a cluster of pendants, creative drawings, etc. are ideas that can completely transform the wedding ceremony.


The Menu

From greeting the guests with a celebratory cocktail with a creative name to planning the whole menu as per the couple’s story is another trend that’s becoming very popular. Dishes that are the bride’s or the groom’s favorite, the first dish that he made for her or she made for him are on the charts too.

Customized Clothes

Wearing personalized t-shirts at the ‘Mehendi’ or at the sangeet or bachelor’s party are somethings that the bride and groom along with the friends and family would enjoy. The wedding planner can get tees for the couple and the guests printed as-‘Bride to Be’, ‘Bride’s Best Friend’, ‘Soon to be Mrs’, etc.  

Small Details

‘Going into details’ is what a well-trained wedding planner does best. From customized tissue papers with the couple’s initials or their logo to personalized wrapping paper with  their photos, makes gifting the guests all the more intimate and dear. Some wedding planners have also designed coasters with names or photos of the couple. Some have made use of monogrammed throw pillows and cushions too.

When it comes to satisfying our needs and wants, we have far too many choices. When wedding bells ring, the expectations rise even more and the biggest challenge for the couple and the family members becomes customizing the wedding in a way that it becomes an emotional and a never-to-be-forgotten event. At such a time, hiring a wedding planner becomes the best decision that one can make. Though it is a challenge, for the wedding planner too, customization truly makes the wedding the most special day in a person’s life. A wedding planner who has had some formal training can help in making things special and extremely personalized and make the wedding an event to remember.

Becoming A Wedding Planner With An Eye For Customization

Understanding each client’s needs for customization is something that comes with years of experience. However, a wedding planner who has no experience in the industry might find it difficult to develop an eye for personalization. However, obtaining formal training before entering the wedding planning industry can help you a great deal with this. Formal training ensures that you are well-accustomed to the wedding planning ecosystem, and more so if you get a chance to be part of a live internship. All in all, investing in formal training will definitely help you out before starting a career in the wedding planning industry.

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